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Fantasy Sports League

A fantasy sports league, fun! Just thinking about the obvious, yeah, your nonprofit can make some bank by hosting a football, basketball, or hockey fantasy league, but what if we turn this on its side? Look for a sport that's new to you and your donor base and get into it! Think roller derby or Tour de France, oui, oui. Now, turn the idea on its head: imagine your fantasy sport and make a league for that. Lots of people would pay to join a beer-drinking or quidditch league. Or make up your own sport! Now, that's a fantasy!

Teal shapes stacked together.Orange shapes stacked together.Green shapes stacked.Blue shapes stacked together.Red shapes stacked together.Purple shapes stacked together.
Orange shapes stacked together.Teal shapes stacked together.Green shapes stacked together.Blue shapes stacked together.Red shapes stacked together.Purple shapes stacked together.

Fantasy Sports League Will Rock Your Next Campaign!

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