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Accept Recurring Donations Online with Monthly Recurring Giving

Engage your community and raise more by accepting recurring donations online through recurring giving tools.
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Here's why recurring donations matter:

Monthly giving programs for nonprofits are increasing in popularity because they're a predictable, effective method to consistent donation growth. Donors love them because they can give more without busting their wallets.

Growth impact of recurring donations
The average monthly donor gives $656 annually
vs. a one time donor that gives $128.

Modern Fundraising Methods via a monthly giving program

Monthly giving grew by over 40% in 2018
of donors today are enrolled in a monthly giving program


Key features of our recurring donation platform

Monthly recurring donation subscriptions made easy

Encourage donors to join your monthly program through an easy online donation platform. Donors can set up their recurring donation with a 1-2-click on your website. Need to set it up for them? Create a donation subscription right inside the platform.
    Example monthly donation program donation form on nonprofit website.

    Report on monthly recurring subscriptions

    All the information you need to steer your monthly recurring subscription strategy. Access your donors' monthly subscriptions to charity in one place. Easily find what you’re looking for and create reports to track your progress.
      Recurring donation program management software example.

      Complete settings for your monthly donation platform

      Easily create and edit a donor’s monthly donations in Funraise's monthly donation platform. Provide exceptional support to your donors when you accept recurring donations, update their recurring dates, amounts, allocations, and even payment methods for them.
        Monthly donor program software, example of managing recurring donation settings for a nonprofit donor.

        Retention emails within the monthly giving platform

        Send a gentle (or screaming) reminder to your donors to keep their monthly charity donations going. Using a prebuilt, automated email campaign that nudges donors toward updating expiring credit cards is the best way to never miss a donation.
          Email notifications for recurring donor program, example of automated emails for expiring card notifications.

          Retain that recurring donation with the Card-Updater Genie

          Reduce churn automatically with the card-updater genie: An ideal solution to maintain monthly donations for nonprofits.

          20% of recurring revenue is lost unintentionally—bank changes to donors' expired and updated credit cards can damage your predictable monthly donor revenue.

          Funraise's Card Genie can reduce recurring revenue churn by automatically updating donors' payment methods as soon as their bank issues a new card.
            Monthly donor program illustration, multiple payment cards wrapped in a hand drawn arrow, demonstrating automated payment method updates for recurring donors.

            Automated monthly donation platform solutions to retain your recurring donations.

            Card Account Auto-updater
            When an existing donor receives a new credit card, Funraise can update their monthly giving subscription to recognize the new card automatically.
            Expiring Card Reporting
            Simple reporting allows you to proactively contact donors with upcoming credit card expiration dates to ensure that their monthly charity donation payment is seamless, as always.

            Failed Payment Auto-email
            When a recurring donation fails, donors receive an automated email with a link so that they can update their payment method in less than a minute.
            Expiring Card Automated Email Reminders
            Set up automated reminder emails so that your recurring donors update their expiring card before they miss a donation.