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Facebook Fundraising

This one is tried-and-true, and if you've got access to Funraise's Facebook integration, then you've got access to the leading Facebook integration in the nonprofit industry. It's easy to connect your donation forms to Facebook and have peer-to-peer fundraisers create corresponding on-site and on-social fundraisers with progress bars!

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Orange shapes stacked together.Teal shapes stacked together.Green shapes stacked together.Blue shapes stacked together.Red shapes stacked together.Purple shapes stacked together.

Facebook Fundraising Will Rock Your Next Campaign!

The quality of your digital nonprofit software and donor management platform is only as good as your supporter's engagement during the pandemic! Learn about the best virtual fundraising ideas for 2021. Using virtual fundraising ideas for nonprofits provides creative and unique ways for your donors to support your organization virtually. Whether or not you are looking to grow your monthly giving, increase digital donations, or discover the next virtual fundraising idea—it's all about experimentation. A number of the best virtual fundraising ideas are quick and easy to accomplish while others require substantial effort or planning. Your nonprofit Org will certainly want to choose a couple of pandemic fundraising ideas for every virtual fundraising campaign that you launch and learn how each fundraising strategy influences the amount you raise for each fundraising campaign during the pandemic.