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Dinner Under the Stars

Under the Stars...Ahhh, the classic theme for proms, middle schoolers' first dances... and your nonprofit's next event. Hey... that's a thought! Why not lean into the nostalgic prom theme? You can even go virtual with a custom filter or background for your attendees' prom poses. Ahead of the event, sell boutonnieres and corsages through a local florist to raise money and get people in the mood to give. Make sure they're delivered a day or so ahead of the event, and encourage your donors to share their prom photos.

Teal shapes stacked together.Orange shapes stacked together.Green shapes stacked.Blue shapes stacked together.Red shapes stacked together.Purple shapes stacked together.
Orange shapes stacked together.Teal shapes stacked together.Green shapes stacked together.Blue shapes stacked together.Red shapes stacked together.Purple shapes stacked together.

Dinner Under the Stars Will Rock Your Next Campaign!

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