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Cultural Soup Round Table

If we have to choose one fundraising idea, this is our pick. Every culture has a soup, every region has their own version of an official slurpy dish, and people get reeeeeally loud when their bouillabaisse or borscht recipe is questioned. So ask your donors to bring their finest cock-a-leekie, consommé, or cream-of-whatever, and be prepared to explain their culture’s soup while everyone chow(ders) down. Paid entry and donations accepted, of course.

Teal shapes stacked together.Orange shapes stacked together.Green shapes stacked.Blue shapes stacked together.Red shapes stacked together.Purple shapes stacked together.
Orange shapes stacked together.Teal shapes stacked together.Green shapes stacked together.Blue shapes stacked together.Red shapes stacked together.Purple shapes stacked together.

Cultural Soup Round Table Will Rock Your Next Campaign!

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