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Automated Emails

Nurture your donor relationships with beautiful nonprofit email campaigns based on fundraising and donation activity.
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Customizable Emails

Create delightful emails with user-friendly nonprofit email templates. The sleek, easy-to-use email editor lets you add text, images, links, and more, without an ounce of HTML knowledge needed.

    Email Campaign Templates

    Wow your new donors! Welcome brand new donors with pre-designed, customizable nonprofit email campaigns.

      Automatic Emails

      Initiate automatic emails based on your fundraisers' donation activity. Alert them when they've achieved (or missed) milestones so they can take immediate action.

        Account Expiration Alerts

        Gentle reminders to update donor accounts mean you'll never miss out on a donation again. Auto-generate reminder emails to donors whose credit card accounts are approaching expiration.

          Intelligent email automation, because timing is everything.

          Smart Merge Data
          Develop personalized, dynamic nonprofit emails blasts using all the robust supporter data you've collected, including donor names, donation amounts, fundraising data, and much more.
          Code Your Own
          Want to flex your developer skills? We've got you covered with user-friendly nonprofit email templates that can be customized to fit your organizations's brand.
          Donation Receipts
          Customize automatic donation receipts based on your donation form. Donors can also track which campaigns they've given to, making it easier for you and your donors to stay up to date.