We believe in the future of nonprofit fundraising and we build tools to make it a reality.

Funraise provides exceptional, innovative, and friendly fundraising technology. Our experience and passion make us different.

Funraise began while our co-founders Justin, Jason, and Tony were working together at a nonprofit organization. Together, we had over 15 years of nonprofit experience and had raised millions online, but continually spent significant resources to implement technology solutions for our fundraising ideas. Eventually, we found we were using a bunch of platforms to essentially do one thing: fundraise online.
We built Funraise to solve the problems we faced as nonprofit fundraisers. Teaming up with other leading technologies to provide a complete and state-of-the-art fundraising platform, we built tools to save you time and resources using a modern approach to data management. Although our tools are pleasantly advanced, Funraise is more than technology. Our experience and proven strategies are built into every part of the platform; whether it's donor retention or branding considerations, our team has been in your shoes.
Funraise is the child of nonprofit experience and technological innovation: these two aspects of our company are behind everything we develop. We believe in the donors, willing to stand with a movement to see a mission accomplished, and we believe in the organizations, stewarding these gifts and creating impact around the world. We're all in this together.