Manage multiple nonprofits under one roof. Easily access each account, including roll-up reporting for chapters, foundations, and fiscally-sponsored organizations.
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The best fundraising tools for chapter-based organizations

Connect multiple accounts to increase performance, efficiency, and data consistency across all your organizations.

Total control of each connected account

Manage connected accounts' independent organization information, integrations, receipting, reporting, and creative assets.

    View the big picture with roll-up reporting

    Create custom roll-up reports to view the performance of your entire organization structure at once. Report on metrics in aggregate or drill down to a specific account.

      Let your organizations chart their own data path

      Connect unique payment processors and CRM integrations to each account, allowing organizations to configure settings and integrations based on their specific strategies and needs.

        Configure team member access and account permissions

        Invite team members at every level of your organization to access their accounts. Fine-tune permission settings for users in each account.
          Fundraising Auctions, Simplified

          Unlock scale with a connected ecosystem of exceptional fundraising and donor management tools

          Subaccount Management
          Connect multiple accounts under one roof for efficient management and reporting of your organizational structure.
          Custom Permissions
          Fine-tune permission settings for users in each connected account and enable easy access for multi-account managers.
          Account-Specific Receipting
          Configure organization information, donation receipt details, and branding for each account.
          Roll-Up Reporting
          Create custom reports to view the performance of your entire organizational structure at once or drill down to specific accounts.
          Subaccount Branding
          Allow each account to manage independent brand and design settings for their fundraising assets, retaining donor trust within each individual network.
          Multi-Country Accounting
          Each account can connect with a unique payment processing account, enabling multi-country processing and bank accounts.
          Chapters & Federations
          Empower chapter-based structures with a complete fundraising and donor management toolkit, plus provide templates for consistency and success.
          Foundations & Fiscal Sponsors
          Connect organizations of all types and configure processing, donation forms, and fundraising assets individually for each account.
          Multi-Level Account Management
          Manage account access across multiple tiers of subaccounts, including global, national, regional, and state chapters.