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Easter Egg Hunt

An Easter egg hunt is a classic family holiday fundraiser! If you're trying to take it a little edgy or just go different, you may want to go a different direction, though! "Easter eggs" are hidden in all kinds of movies—sell tickets to a movie or series and provide clues to your supporters so they can find all the easter eggs in the film. If you want something in-person, do a combo scavenger hunt and Easter egg hunt (scavEGGer hunt?) and drop off eggs at local sites. Provide clues to donors and offer a prize to the first person who finds all the eggs!

Teal shapes stacked together.Orange shapes stacked together.Green shapes stacked.Blue shapes stacked together.Red shapes stacked together.Purple shapes stacked together.
Orange shapes stacked together.Teal shapes stacked together.Green shapes stacked together.Blue shapes stacked together.Red shapes stacked together.Purple shapes stacked together.

Easter Egg Hunt Will Rock Your Next Campaign!

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