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Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Software

Peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns fuel your mission by leveraging the incredible social networks of your most dedicated supporters.
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Example of peer-to-peer fundraising software with individual fundraising pages.
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Successful supporter-powered fundraising is fueled by intelligent peer-to-peer fundraising tools

Customized Campaigns
Easily customize nonprofit fundraising campaign websites with your logo, colors, and fonts.
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Mobile Fundraising
Facilitate on-the-go fundraising with mobile-ready peer-to-peer fundraising pages.
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Automated Emails
Keep fundraisers engaged with automated progress alerts and encouraging emails.
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Seamless Donor Experience
Increase donations with a pleasant, configurable, and highly-converting donation experience.
Campaign website builder

Start by creating your best campaign website yet

Fully customizable and modern fundraising websites provide the best experience for fundraisers and donors. Include custom colors, images, videos, and content to tell your nonprofit's story and encourage fundraisers to sign up.
    Peer-to-peer fundraising campaign website builder.
    Customizable supporter pages

    Encourage supporters to create their own fundraising pages

    Enable fundraisers with easy-to-customize individual supporter pages and let peer-to-peer fundraisers add custom videos, images, and text to amp up excitement on behalf of their favorite nonprofit organization.
      Peer-to-peer fundraising campaign website on a mobile device.
      Fundraiser progress bars

      Fundraisers can set their own goals and see their progress

      Fundraise’s progress towards their goal is shown on their fundraising progress bar and recent donors can be celebrated as individual fundraisers collect donations from their friends and family.
        Nonprofit fundraising goal progress bar and donation feed examples.
        Automated email campaigns

        Keep fundraisers engaged with automated progress emails

        Create successful peer-to-peer campaigns with customizable automated emails based on fundraising activity. Build momentum and community engagement with milestone and stalled progress emails.
          Nonprofit peer-to-peer fundraising campaign email examples.
          Facebook Fundraiser integration

          Raise more with a Facebook Fundraisers integration

          Increase your peer-to-peer fundraisers’ reach—and campaign revenue—by connecting fundraising pages with Facebook Fundraisers. Fundraisers linked with Facebook Fundraisers raise 83% more.
            Nonprofit peer-to-peer campaign Facebook fundraiser integration.
            Endurance fundraising

            Peer-to-peer fundraising for runs, races, and walks

            Incorporate the best peer-to-peer platform with your endurance fundraising events. Require fundraisers to register before creating a peer-to-peer fundraising page.
              Endurance fundraising campaign website example.
              Case Study

              YMCA of Gaston County grew online revenue 80% in one year with peer-to-peer fundraising

              Unlock peer-to-peer success with an easy-to-use campaign website builder.
              Gaston County YMCA is engaging new donors and raising more with peer-to-peer fundraising. Funraise's user-friendly campaign website builder makes it easy for anyone on YMCA's team to create and launch high-performing fundraising initiatives.

              Peer-to-peer best practices and expert advice

              Peer-to-peer fundraising, simplified

              Must-have software for successful peer-to-peer campaigns—all in the best fundraising platform.

              Campaign website builder
              Anyone on your team can build custom campaign website with images, videos, and colors with an intuitive code-free fundraising website builder.
              Individual fundraising pages
              Enable fundraisers to sign up and create a personal fundraising page. Individual fundraisers can share pages with their friends and family to raise more for your campaign.
              Progress bars
              Add custom donation goal progress bars to your fundraising website to track progress and keep fundraisers and donors engaged.
              Donor feeds
              Show peer-to-peer fundraising goal activity and celebrate donors with recent donation feeds displaying donations and comments.
              Facebook integration
              Connect your peer-to-peer fundraisers and Facebook fundraisers to increase fundraisers' reach and raise more.
              Fundraising minimums
              Require a minimum fundraising amount for fundraisers. Collect payment methods on signup and charge fundraisers who don't hit the minimum by the deadline.
              Automated campaign emails
              Send customizable automated emails to fundraisers and increase engagement with goal progress notifications and timely encouragement.
              Mobile fundraising
              Launch mobile-ready fundraising campaigns so P2P fundraisers can login and share pages on-the-go or on-the-couch.


              How can I choose the best peer-to-peer fundraising platform?


              With the rise in popularity of peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns, there are now a plethora of platforms available to help facilitate peer campaigns. Here is a list of top peer-to-peer fundraising platforms and their features: ease of use, customization features for peer fundraisers, mobile donation forms, social integration, and exceptional donor experience.

              How do I do peer-to-peer fundraising?


              With the help of peer-to-peer fundraising software, it has become easier than ever to raise money by creating deeper connections through current supporters' personal networks. Here are some steps on how to organize and manage peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns: choose the right peer-to-peer platform, recruit fundraisers, make personal connections, enable social sharing through social media posts, and provide support.

              What is the difference between crowdfunding and peer-to-peer fundraising?


              Crowdfunding and peer-to-peer fundraising may seem similar, but they have key differences. Crowdfunding involves raising funds from a large number of strangers who contribute small individual donations toward a specific goal. Peer-to-peer fundraising, or team fundraising, involves generous donors raising money on behalf of a nonprofit organization by sharing personal stories with their personal networks.

              Peer-to-peer fundraising trends in 2024 and beyond


              Peer-to-peer fundraising efforts are a popular strategy for nonprofit organizations to raise funds from their supporters through their personal networks. Here are some peer-to-peer campaign trends that are expected to shape peer-to-peer fundraising ideas in 2024 and beyond: virtual fundraising events, personalization, social media platform integrations, and data analytics and AI.

              What are the benefits of peer-to-peer fundraising?


              One of the key benefits of peer-to-peer fundraising events is the ability to reach potential donors. Additionally, P2P campaigns create a sense of community and camaraderie among individual supporters. Another benefit of peer-to-peer fundraising strategies is the potential for increased donations. Furthermore, peer-to-peer platforms can also help organizations save time and resources.

              What are some peer-to-peer fundraising examples?


              P2P fundraising campaigns have become a popular method for community organizations to raise funds. Examples of successful peer fundraiser campaigns are fun runs, like The American Cancer Society's Relay for Life, social media-linked birthday fundraisers, viral social media challenges like the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, and individual campaigns, like Movember, that take place over a period of time.

              What is the Facebook fundraiser integration?


              Leverage individual fundraisers' social proof by offering a Facebook social media integration. Your P2P fundraisers can easily connect Facebook and Funraise pages to build on their social media presence. With the simplest donation platform, Funraise, your nonprofit can provide donation page templates to your P2P and Facebook fundraisers.

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