Donation Pages

Bring your donate button to life with beautiful, branded donation pages
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Example nonprofit donation page on desktop and mobile screen size.

Easy donation pages

Donation pages you can share anywhere. Quickly share custom donation pages in emails, social posts, text messages, or anywhere you can paste a simple, direct link. Whether you need a general donation page, a specific campaign donation page, or an event ticketing page—Funraise’s Donation Pages are built for it all.
    Example nonprofit donation pages with images, text, and custom donation buttons.

    Customize for your brand

    Raise more when you highlight your brand and story. Design pages with your logo, colors, images, and content to present professional, trusted, and compelling nonprofit donation pages.
      Nonprofit donation page software, example of text editing features of donation page builder.

      Smart donation forms

      Donation Pages are backed by Funraise’s Donation Forms. Pages are the simplest (code-free) method to access the power of Funraise’s Donation Forms.
        Example nonprofit donation form   with custom amount buttons and monthly donation options.

        URL Parameters

        Customize the donation experience for specific donor segments with URL parameters. Create custom links that default the form’s ask as well as other donation details.
          Illustration of nonprofit website with Url parameters that influence the donation amount on the donation form.

          A feature-packed donation page

          Automated Donation Receipts
          Control who gets assigned to which donor, when a task should be done, and other donation automations.
          Recurring Donation Programs
          Organize individual supporter engagement and track follow-up from one easy-to-use automated task tool.
          Mobile Friendly Pages
          Automatically-optimized donation pages and forms respond to mobile devices with no extra work needed from you.
          Donation Dedications
          Allow donors to dedicate their donation to a loved one and automatically share their dedication via email.
          Company Matching
          Encourage your donors to take advantage of their employer's matching donations. Through integrations, your donors can easily look up their employer and request a company donation match while they give.
          Utm Tracking
          Capture UTM parameters with donations and track source data. Make sense of your online traffic and ad spend ROI.
          More Payment Options
          Encourage donors to use their preferred payment method. Donation forms can collect credit card, Apple Pay, PayPal, eCheck, and even Bitcoin donations.