Fundraising Intelligence In Action: The stats behind the smarts

May 10, 2024
3 minutes
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Nonprofiteers have long known that our strengths lie in our passion to enact change to better our world. Sometimes, though, that unwavering focus could use a little support. Funraise, as usual, is here to provide that support in the form of hardcore software.

This is the very reason we at Funraise have doubled down on our BI (Business Intelligence) innovation: Fundraising Intelligence. Fundraising Intelligence is the foundation and frame for successful, impactful fundraising campaigns, offering the most advanced configurable nonprofit data reports and the most valuable toolkit for data-driven strategies in the industry's most intelligent fundraising platform.

Here's what you can expect with Funraise's Fundraising Intelligence:

  • Campaign-specific dashboards
  • AI trend forecasting
  • AI explanations
  • Prebuilt template library
  • Completely configurable nonprofit reporting
  • Your data, visualized

While Fundraising Intelligence is shiny and exciting, it's not a new feature to Funraise. Recently, we ran the numbers to see common performance stats for nonprofit growth, comparing Funraise customers who have accounts with our Fundraising Intelligence features and those who don’t, and the results are pretty great! When compared with organizations who don’t use Fundraising Intelligence (yet), organizations who use Fundraising Intelligence:

  • Raise 7x more online annually on average
  • Grow recurring revenue 1.5x faster year over year on average, and...
  • As of April, organizations with Fundraising Intelligence have an average of 12% higher donor retention rates in 2024

This last one is of major importance because the ability to sustain and increase revenue is currently a critical concern for nonprofits, with donor retention rates falling to 42.6% in 2022 (AFP) and then declining a further 2.5% in 2023 (Fundraising Effectiveness Project).

In addition to powerful data visualizations, Fundraising Intelligence is loaded with a ton of AI applications that make Funraise customers' data analysis, report building, and forecasting much more accurate and efficient.

Justin Wheeler, Funraise CEO and Co-founder, says, “Funraise has seen firsthand how the power of data intelligence can sustain and accelerate life-changing impact. We’re excited to increase the accessibility of this technology because we know nonprofits are poised to launch into a future where actionable insights will increase impact in a big way.”

It's clear to us at Funraise that to be the best fundraising platform for nonprofits, innovation can't stop once a donation is made or recorded. And this is why Funraise is thrilled to be ushering in a new era of Fundraising Intelligence for nonprofits everywhere.

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