Best Nonprofit P2P Fundraising Platforms Comparison 2024

22 Best Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Platforms for Nonprofits 2024 Comparison

June 7, 2024
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A picture of a young person getting water dumped on their head sits on a blue background. In the foreground are components of peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns, like mobile giving pages and personal fundraising progress bars.

Peer-to-peer fundraising has revolutionized the way nonprofits engage with their supporters, creating a community-driven approach to raising funds. Here’s a comprehensive comparison of the top peer-to-peer fundraising platforms in 2024, each offering unique features to empower your fundraising efforts.

Peer-to-peer fundraising platforms comparison chart

Fundraising is difficult; you need some help. If your nonprofit doesn't have a department's worth of salaries budgeted, where can you find the type of support that will actually move the progress bar? Well, if you need support, look to your supporter base and start a peer-to-peer fundraising campaign.

To start your peer-to-peer fundraising software journey off right, we’ve listed some of the industry's best P2P fundraising platforms, tools, and integrations below, along with unbiased perspectives on tech-forward crowdfunding, social fundraising, and multi-channel solutions.

The Best Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Platform Overall

Funraise The Best Online Fundraising Software for Nonprofits

Other Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Platforms, Tools, and Integrations

Software Best for
GoFundMe Personal and Small Group Campaigns
PledgeIt Sports and Challenge-Based Fundraising
OneCause Mobile Bidding and Event Management
Tiltify Livestreaming Fundraising P2P Events
Classy Social Fundraising with Growth Potential
Streamlabs Livestream donations
AppealAI Peer-to-Peer Fundraiser Appeal Text Generator for Nonprofits
Qgiv Gamified Fundraising Pages with Thermometers
ThankView Video Platform for Thanking P2P Donors
Facebook Social Media Platform Peer-to-Peer Integration
Streamlabs Livestreaming Program for P2P Fundraisers
Givebutter Limited Multi-Channel P2P Fundraising
Mightycause Giving Day Peer Campaigns
JustGiving Global Reach Through Gift Aid
Double the Donation + Funraise Peer-to-Peer Corporate Donation Matching
Springboard + Funraise Digital Fundraising and Advocacy Ecosystem
HubSpot + Funraise Post-Peer-to-Peer Campaign Follow-Up Marketing
Raiser's Edge + Funraise Legacy Fundraising Platform and Peer-to-Peer Integration
Salesforce + Funraise Data-Based Donor Management and Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Solution
Virtuous + Funraise CRM + Front-end Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Platform
Daxko + Funraise Peer-to-Peer Fundraising and Member Management for Community Organizations
Shopify + Funraise Peer-to-Peer Swag and Prize Management

Exploring the Landscape of Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Platforms

While Funraise sets the standard with its robust suite of tools designed to enhance every aspect of nonprofit fundraising—from peer-to-peer campaigns to comprehensive donor management—the peer-to-peer fundraising platform scene is vibrant and diverse. Here are some of the different types of platforms nonprofits can leverage depending on their specific needs:

  • Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Platforms: These specialize in empowering supporters to fundraise on behalf of the nonprofit, using personal connections to amplify reach.
  • Online Fundraising Platforms: Ideal for nonprofits looking to create digital-first crowdfunding campaigns that reach a global audience.
  • Event-Based Fundraising Platforms: These platforms offer tools specifically for managing registrations and ticket sales for fun runs, relays, danceathons, or other activity-based fundraising events.
  • Crowdfunding Platforms: Perfect for generating a broad base of support for specific projects or causes.
  • Social Media Fundraising Tools: Platforms that integrate directly with social media to enable peer fundraisers through channels like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.
  • Mobile Giving Platforms: These make donating as easy as sending a text message, perfect for engaging supporters at events or on the go.

Each platform offers unique features, but all aim to provide nonprofits with the tools they need to succeed in their fundraising efforts. As peer-to-peer fundraising continues to evolve, choosing a platform like Funraise that combines flexibility with powerful fundraising tools can help nonprofits not only meet but exceed their goals.

What should I look for when comparing peer-to-peer fundraising platforms for my nonprofit?

When comparing peer-to-peer fundraising platforms for your nonprofit, here are some important things to look for: a user-friendly interface, customization options, seamless integration capabilities, intelligent reporting and analytics, and support and training resources. Funraise's peer fundraising software has all of these and more, including an innovative roadmap and a shared vision with for-good organizations. 

Your peer-to-peer fundraising software should include these essentials:

  • A sustainable model to cover credit card payment processing fees. Funraise's Donors Cover Fees model ensures that your effective platform fee is 0%. Funraise only charges an online donation platform fee if the donor covers the fee. When a donor covers fees, Funraise assesses up to 5% for the platform fee.
  • Register to Fundraise. Register to Fundraise, or RTF, is a fundraising feature that makes peer fundraising event registration easy and pledges simple to collect. With Funraise’s Register to Fundraise (RTF), your next walk-a-thon will be a literal and metaphorical walk in the park.
  • Fundraising commitments. The commitment you never knew you needed. Sometimes referred to as fundraising minimums, Fundraising Commitments is a common strategy for events that require individual fundraisers to pay or fundraise a minimum amount. If the participant fails to raise the amount required, you can charge the remaining amount.
  • Social Sharing. One of the most fun parts of a successful peer-to-peer fundraising campaign is sharing far and wide! Funraise offers P2P fundraisers a social media integration that easily connects Facebook and Funraise pages so that supporters can build on their social network.
  • Integrated AI. These days, AI is here, and it's not going anywhere. You need a partner that understands how important innovation is to the future of fundraising. 

1. Funraise: The Best Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Platform Overall

A blue banner with the words "Funraise: The Best Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Platform Overall"

Funraise offers a comprehensive peer-to-peer fundraising solution that empowers nonprofits to run successful campaigns and rally their communities around their missions. With Funraise, you can create fully customizable peer-to-peer fundraising websites, allowing supporters to seamlessly set up their own personalized fundraising pages.

Key Features:

  • Easy-to-use online fundraising campaign builder for creating branded peer-to-peer websites
  • Customizable fundraising pages for supporters to add their own videos, images, and stories
  • Mobile-responsive design for donors to give on-the-go
  • Automated email campaigns based on fundraising milestones
  • Ability to set non-negotiable fundraising goals with automatic charges if not met
  • AppealAI, Funraise's industry-first AI-backed fundraising appeal writing tool
  • Integrations with necessary apps and tools for a seamless campaign management experience

Why We Love It:

Funraise's peer-to-peer fundraising platform is designed to amplify your nonprofit's story and increase donations. The personalization features allow supporters to connect with their networks authentically, driving more engagement and fundraising success. Additionally, Funraise's automation capabilities streamline online campaign management, saving time and resources.

Pricing and Additional Resources:

With its user-friendly tools, robust features, and exceptional support, Funraise stands out as the premier peer-to-peer fundraising platform for nonprofits looking to elevate their campaigns and maximize their impact.

Funraise's Peer-to-Peer platform has a lot of thought behind it...

Including the opportunity costs of not running peer-to-peer events. Opportunity cost is the actual cost, in dollars and cents, of the thing you did not do. Dana Bakich led a roundtable with Blythe Hill of Dressember and Katelynn Whitaker, then at Movember, to discuss effective peer-to-peer fundraising strategies. Dana uses an example to show the effect of ignoring peer-to-peer fundraising options

"There's a big opportunity cost for not doing peer-to-peer... [In this example, the average P2P fundraiser using Funraise raises $1220], so this is really impactful when it comes to bringing together a community of people."

Check out this quote from Joy Hoover, CEO and Founder of The Cupcake Girls:

"Funraise provides a peer-to-peer experience that makes it personalized and engaging (with a hint of competitiveness 😉)”

The Cupcake Girls aren't all talk, though. They've been a Funraise customer for years and have seen great growth and significant success. Take a look! 

Here's an example of a P2P campaign that kicked butt

To facilitate the level of growth that they need to address an expanding client base, The Cupcake Girls rely on funding from their dedicated supporters in the form of peer-to-peer fundraising. In their first full year with Funraise, The Cupcake Girls' year-over-year numbers showed

  • Double the number of peer-to-peer fundraisers
  • 386% increase in online peer-to-peer revenue

And when you consider Funraise's stats around P2P revenue growth, those numbers make a lot of sense. As noted above, on average, peer-to-peer fundraisers on Funraise raise $1220, twice the amount of top P2P programs. And when those peer-to-peer participants use Funraise's Facebook integration, they raise an average of 83% more. 

Mobile phone with donation form and donation charts floating around the phone.Mobile phone with donation form and donation charts floating around the phone.Woman looking at fundraising chart with button to book a call.Yellow shapes in background with donation form in front with stylized text, build an intelligence giving experience.Sparkling star.
Sparkling star.

Other Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Platforms, Tools, and Integrations

2. GoFundMe (Personal and Small Group Campaigns)

GoFundMe has carved out its niche as the prominent choice for personal and small group crowdfunding efforts, focusing heavily on accessibility and ease of use. This platform empowers individuals and small groups to fundraise for a variety of causes, from local community projects to personal challenges.

Key features:

  • Rapid personal campaign setup: Users can establish fundraising pages swiftly to start collecting donations quickly. Unfortunately, customization options for these pages are limited, resulting in most GoFundMe pages looking similar.
  • Wide audience reach: GoFundMe's network has the ability to reach donors worldwide, significantly increasing visibility. The drawback is that with millions of fundraisers on GoFundMe, potential donors are overwhelmed with fundraising requests.
  • Flexibility in funds withdrawal: Funds can be withdrawn at any stage of the campaign, providing access to raised money within 2-5 business days. Please note that requirements to fundraise and withdraw funds in the United States include a US Social Security number, US phone number, ID, US bank account, residential address, and more.

Why it works: GoFundMe simplifies the fundraising process, making it highly accessible to a broad spectrum of users, regardless of their technological expertise. 

Why we prefer Funraise: While GoFundMe excels in facilitating personal fundraisers, it lacks the depth in services tailored for nonprofit organizations. Funraise, on the other hand, provides comprehensive tools for peer-to-peer fundraising integrated with robust donor management systems, advanced analytics, and branded, customizable fundraising pages that align with the strategic goals of nonprofits. These additional features ensure not just fundraising success but also effective donor engagement and retention, aspects where GoFundMe's offerings are extremely limited.

3. PledgeIt (Sports and Challenge-Based Fundraising)

PledgeIt has established a strong foothold in the peer-to-peer fundraising market, particularly emphasizing sports and challenge-based events. This focus allows fundraisers to generate donations through athletic and personal challenges, appealing to a niche but passionate audience.

Key features:

  • Event-centric fundraising: PledgeIt specializes in sports and challenge-based events, which can effectively mobilize community support. However, this can limit the platform's appeal to nonprofits with broader or non-sport-related missions.
  • Simple campaign setup: The platform facilitates quick campaign launches, which is great for rapid mobilization. Yet, this ease of setup lends itself to compromised customization that more comprehensive campaigns require.
  • Performance-based donations: Donors can pledge money based on the achievement of specific milestones (like miles run or goals scored), which is highly engaging but may result in unpredictable fundraising totals, unlike fixed donations.
  • No upfront costs: At the time of writing, PledgeIt offers zero upfront fees. Nevertheless, this type of model usually involves higher transaction fees, which may reduce the total funds raised.

Why it works: PledgeIt’s focus on sports and challenge-based events taps into a dynamic and enthusiastic donor base, making it a good choice for campaigns that are time-sensitive and performance-driven. 

Why we prefer Funraise: While PledgeIt offers an attractive platform for challenge-based fundraising, its specialized nature is not geared toward a broad array of nonprofit needs. Funraise, on the other hand, provides a more versatile and comprehensive suite of tools designed to cater to a wide range of nonprofit fundraising efforts, including peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns that require pre-registration.

Funraise not only supports diverse fundraising campaigns but also integrates advanced donor management systems, detailed analytics, and customizable fundraising pages. These tools help nonprofits craft strategic campaigns that resonate with their audience and cultivate lasting donor relationships, ensuring both immediate and sustained fundraising success.

4. OneCause (Mobile Bidding and Event Management)

OneCause stands out for its emphasis on event management and mobile bidding, catering particularly to organizations that focus on event-driven fundraising. This platform is designed to optimize the guest experience at events, aiming to maximize engagement and donations through a streamlined bidding process.

Key Features:

  • Event-focused fundraising: While OneCause excels in providing tools for event-based fundraising, it may not be as effective for organizations seeking to run diverse, non-event-centric campaigns.
  • Mobile bidding: The mobile bidding feature is a key attraction, enabling easy participation in auctions. However, this can sometimes limit interaction for those who aren't tech-savvy or don't have access to mobile devices, excluding a wider donor base.
  • Custom branded pages: The ability to create custom branded pages for events is a bonus, though the customization options may not stretch to the extent needed for highly unique nonprofit branding needs.
  • Real-time engagement tracking: OneCause offers tools to track engagement and donations in real time during events, but the platform may not offer the same deep analytics for ongoing, non-event campaigns.

Why it works: OneCause's robust support for event management and mobile bidding makes it a solution for nonprofits that organize frequent auction-related events. This specialization ensures that every event is engaging and potentially lucrative.

Why we prefer Funraise: While OneCause provides excellent support for events, Funraise offers a more rounded suite of peer-to-peer fundraising tools that are essential for broader campaign management. Funraise allows for greater customization of fundraising pages so they align perfectly with a nonprofit's branding and outreach strategies. Additionally, Funraise supports a variety of fundraising types beyond just events, making it suitable for any campaign type. Fundraising Intelligence, Funraise's comprehensive analytics tool, offers insights not just during events but across all fundraising activities, ensuring deeper engagement and retention of donors. This makes Funraise a superior choice for nonprofits looking for versatility and long-term engagement strategies.

5. Tiltify (Livestreaming Fundraising P2P Events)

Tiltify has positioned itself uniquely in the peer-to-peer fundraising space by focusing on livestreaming events. This specialization caters to digital-savvy audiences and offers an engaging, interactive fundraising experience.

Key Features:

  • Livestream Integration: Tiltify integrates directly with streaming platforms, enabling real-time fundraising. While this is a powerful tool for engaging live audiences, it can be limiting for nonprofits that seek a more traditional or varied approach to their fundraising strategies.
  • Interactive Milestones and Incentives: The platform encourages donations by setting interactive goals and rewards, which can enhance donor engagement. However, this can also place a heavy emphasis on constant content creation, which may not be sustainable for organizations.
  • Social Media Optimization: Tiltify's design is optimized for social sharing, helping to increase visibility. The drawback here is the dependency on social media trends and algorithms, which can be unpredictable and may not always align with a nonprofit's planned messaging or campaign timing.

Why it works: Tiltify leverages the power of live interactions and digital connectivity, making it a consideration for events that thrive on real-time engagement and dynamic audience participation.

Why we prefer Funraise: While Tiltify excels in creating a vibrant, interactive fundraising atmosphere, Funraise allows for deeper customization of fundraising pages, aligning with the strategic branding needs of nonprofits. Additionally, Funraise offers robust analytics and integrated donor management systems, ensuring not just fundraising success but effective donor engagement and retention. This comprehensive approach is crucial for building long-term relationships with donors, which is often overlooked in platforms focusing primarily on new and thinly-tested peer-to-peer fundraising strategies.

6. Classy (Social Fundraising with Growth Potential)

Classy's peer-to-peer tool specializes in social fundraising with a strong emphasis on creating campaigns with viral potential. This platform is designed to leverage social networks to maximize reach and engagement for fundraising efforts that result in growth.

Key Features:

  • Social Amplification: Classy offers peer-to-peer that integrates with social media, enhancing the viral potential of fundraising campaigns. However, the dependency on social media for reach might not be as effective for organizations with a less engaged online community.
  • Customizable Campaign Pages: Significant customization of fundraising pages reflects your nonprofit’s branding and message for increased brand recognition and trust from first-time donors. Despite this, Classy's customization options can require more advanced technical skills, especially compared to platforms that focus on usability, like Funraise.
  • Advanced Reporting and Analytics: Classy's robust data reporting tools track campaign performance and donor engagement, but to make the best data-driven decisions for your nonprofit, visual dashboards and reporting like Funraise's Fundraising Intelligence are essential.

Why it works: Classy promotes using social media to amplify fundraising campaigns, making it a powerful tool for nonprofits aiming to engage a wide audience quickly for growth.

Why we prefer Funraise: While Classy offers strong social fundraising capabilities, most nonprofits need something more powerful for peer-to-peer—enter Funraise. Funraise provides an intelligent and user-friendly platform, combining powerful social sharing tools with advanced customization, robust donor management tools, and detailed analytics. While nonprofit growth is still a major focus of Funraise's entire mission, we also care about the donor experience and each nonprofit's mission and impact.

7. AppealAI (Best Peer-to-Peer Fundraiser Appeal Text Generator for Nonprofits)

AppealAI, powered by Funraise, offers an innovative solution for nonprofits seeking to create impactful fundraising appeals—or looking for ways to provide their peer-to-peer supporters with pre-written, on-brand P2P page copy. AppealAI generates campaign-specific peer-to-peer appeal text by leveraging ChatGPT directly within Funraise's platform.

Key Features:

  • Efficient Text Generation: Quickly generate effective appeal texts for website copy, emails, and social media with AppealAI rather than spending precious time trying to touch the right points. 
  • Customizable Tone: Choose from various tones such as friendly, funny, urgent, or appreciative. You know, the type of tone you'd try to hit if you were the one writing.
  • Easy to Use: AppealAI offers simple input fields for organization details and impact statements. Nothing fancy, just git 'er dun. 
  • Multiple Formats: Supports different appeal formats like emails, letters, and social media posts. Just click, choose, and wait. 

Why We Love It: AppealAI simplifies the process of creating personalized and engaging fundraising messages, saving time and enhancing the effectiveness of nonprofit campaigns, and when you're dealing with P2P fundraisers, you want to make everything as easy as possible. 

While other tools may offer basic text generation, Funraise's AppealAI is a seamless part of Funraise's broader fundraising suite, providing advanced customization and comprehensive donor engagement solutions. 

For a publicly-available free version, visit AppealAI by Funraise.

8. Qgiv (Gamified Fundraising Pages with Thermometers)

Qgiv provides a comprehensive fundraising platform with a focus on the gamification of donation pages and dynamic thermometers, widgets, badges, and leaderboards designed to enhance the donor experience, foster friendly competition, and boost engagement.

Key Features:

  • Fundraising Thermometers and Leaderboards: Qgiv's progress bars display donations in real-time, motivating prospective donors. The one drawback to progress bars is when it comes to longer-term ongoing peer-to-peer campaigns that don't have a clear end date or fundraising goal. 
  • Gamification Widgets and Badges: With a variety of badges and widgets available for Qgiv users, donation motivation through competition is a core feature of peer-to-peer campaigns. However, gamification features may not be the right motivator for some causes or audiences.

Why it works: Qgiv’s intuitive and flexible tools, like donation pages with leaderboards and real-time fundraising thermometers, make it easy for nonprofits to engage donors with friendly competition and visually track progress, enhancing the overall giving experience.

Why we prefer Funraise: While Qgiv offers valuable features for competitive fundraising, Funraise provides a more integrated and comprehensive solution. Funraise's platform excels at making advanced customization options, robust donor management, and visual dashboards and analytics easy and beautiful. Funraise's holistic approach ensures nonprofits can efficiently manage all aspects of their fundraising campaigns, from peer-to-peer initiatives to detailed reporting, maximizing both donor engagement and fundraising success.

9. ThankView (Video Platform for Thanking P2P Donors)

ThankView specializes in engaging donors through personalized video messaging, a feature that leverages modern media to enhance donor relations. However, its focus on video-centric interactions might not meet all the versatile needs of broader nonprofit P2P campaigns that require a more multifaceted approach.

Key features:

  • Personalized Video Messaging: Enhances donor engagement through bespoke videos. Nonprofits must tread lightly here as they begin to steward their peer-to-peer fundraisers' networks—emails with a firstname tag are one thing, but overly-personalized communications like video can come across as creepy or boundary-pushing.
  • Integration with Major Platforms: Facilitates data synchronization across various systems. Although effective for donor appreciation, P2P fundraisers and nonprofits may not have the time, access, or technical know-how to utilize this very specific tool.

Why it works: ThankView’s focus on video personalization taps into a modern approach to donor stewardship, making donors feel uniquely valued and directly connected to the cause they support.

Why we prefer Funraise: While ThankView excels in creating a strong personal connection through video, it may not offer the comprehensive tools necessary for broader fundraising strategies. Funraise provides a more holistic suite of fundraising tools, including robust donor management systems, advanced analytics, and fully customizable fundraising pages that cater to the varied and strategic needs of nonprofits. Funraise’s platform adapts to any fundraising need, making it a superior choice for nonprofits looking to expand their stewardship efforts.

10. Facebook (Best Social Media Platform Peer-to-Peer Integration)

A blue banner Facebook (Best Social Media Platform Peer-to-Peer Integration)

Facebook has leveraged its massive user base to become a key player in the peer-to-peer fundraising space. By integrating fundraising capabilities directly into its social media platform, Facebook allows users to create and share campaigns with ease, reaching an extensive network of potential donors.

Key Features of Facebook + Funraise:

  • Wide Audience Reach: Facebook's integration allows fundraisers to tap into a vast network of users, potentially reaching millions. This extensive reach should be used in conjunction with customizable platforms like Funraise, as run-of-the-mill campaigns may get lost amidst the multitude of causes vying for attention.
  • User-Friendly Setup: Setting up a fundraising campaign on Facebook is straightforward, making it accessible for users with varying levels of tech-savviness. And Funraise's Facebook integration makes it even easier to set up, launch, and follow up with your fundraising supporters.
  • Integrated Payment Processing: Facebook processes donations directly on its platform, simplifying the transaction process. However, this can limit the flexibility nonprofits have over payment options and donor data management—Funraise's extensive payment processor options and best-in-the-industry donor data management tools provide the best giving experience possible. 
  • Zero Fees for Nonprofits: Facebook does not charge transaction fees for donations made to nonprofits, which is a significant advantage. They do, however, give the donor the option to cover the processing fee, similar to Funraise's Donors Cover Fees option. 

Why We Love It: Facebook's fundraising tools are embedded within one of the largest social media platforms, allowing fundraisers to easily reach a broad audience and capitalize on social sharing. The zero transaction fees for nonprofits also enhance its appeal. Even better, when you integrate Facebook with the simplest donation platform, Funraise, your nonprofit can provide donation page templates to your P2P and Facebook fundraisers.

How Funraise supercharges Facebook Fundraising: While Facebook excels in providing basic, accessible fundraising tools, Funraise provides advanced donor management systems, detailed analytics, and highly customizable fundraising pages that can be branded to match the nonprofit's identity. These features not only enhance the professional appearance of campaigns but also foster deeper engagement and retention of donors.

11. Streamlabs (Livestreaming Program for P2P Fundraisers)

Blue banner Streamlabs (Livestreaming Program for P2P Fundraisers)

Streamlabs is a top choice for nonprofits and fundraisers relying on livestreaming for peer-to-peer (P2P) campaigns because it offers tools designed to enhance viewer engagement and boost donations during live charity events.

Key Features:

  • Platform Integration: Supports live streaming on Twitch, YouTube, TikTok, and Facebook (at the same time if you have their premium tier), broadening audience reach​​. The downside is that to maximize fundraising on all platforms, you have to really be on your game and know what you're doing.
  • Custom Themes and Overlays: Personalization that spreads to every corner of the screen. The downside here is that free users only get access to a few overlay options. 
  • No Additional Fees: Streamlabs says they don't take a cut from donations, but that doesn't take into account credit card, PayPal, or other payment processing fees. As usual. 
  • Rewards and Incentives: Allows adding rewards for donors, such as thank-you notes or merchandise, to incentivize contributions​. The downside? You've got to send out all those rewards after the campaign is done.
  • A Wide Variety of Tools: Streamlabs' website confirms that it offers a lot of ways to tap into livestream or recorded fundraising. Unfortunately, if you're not already a streamer or veteran live fundraiser, you may feel like you're reading something in a different language.

Why it works: Streamlabs succeeds in creating a really cool, edgy, interactive fundraising environment with its integration and customization features. If you're looking for a way to engage online donors, Streamlabs is a must-see.

How Funraise supercharges Streamlabs: While Streamlabs is excellent for specialty event fundraising, its integration with Funraise means that it offers a more comprehensive toolset for nonprofits. Funraise supports campaigns beyond livestreaming, offering customizable fundraiser pages for consistent branding that rival Streamlabs overlays​​.

Once the event is over, Funraise brings in-depth analytics and reporting to optimize strategies and improve donor retention​. Additionally, Funraise integrates with social media platforms, extending campaign reach and simplifying donor data management​. Overall, Funraise’s versatile and integrated approach makes it a superior choice for sustained nonprofit fundraising success.

12. Givebutter (Limited Multi-Channel P2P Fundraising)

Givebutter positions itself as a fundraising platform offering multi-channel peer-to-peer (P2P) fundraising options. With its focus on low-cost fundraising technology, Givebutter aims to provide a versatile solution for nonprofits and individuals alike.

Key Features:

  • Integrated CRM Tools: Givebutter provides basic CRM capabilities for donor management, but due to the low-cost focus of the product, these tools may not offer the advanced features required for large-scale nonprofit operations.
  • Customizable Tools: Givebutter allows for customization, but as with other free or low-cost technologies, the options are often limited, making it challenging to create truly unique and branded fundraising pages.
  • Zero Platform Fees: While attractive, a zero-platform fees transaction will still require fees from the payment processor: credit or debit cards, PayPal, etc. In addition, in order to keep Givebutter at the free level, nonprofits are required to turn on the tip feature so donors can give money to Givebutter during the donation process. 

Why it works: Givebutter’s low-cost model and multi-channel approach make it accessible for small-to-mid-sized nonprofits. Integrations with popular payment methods like PayPal simplify the donation process, enhancing the donor experience.

Why we prefer Funraise: While Givebutter offers a range of features, its limited customization is a drawback for nonprofits seeking a more tailored and cost-effective solution. Funraise excels in this area by providing deeply customizable fundraising pages that align with your nonprofit’s branding and strategic goals. Funraise's advanced donor management system ensures comprehensive tracking and engagement, offering detailed analytics to optimize your campaigns. 

13. Mightycause (Giving Day Peer Campaigns)

Mightycause is a basic fundraising platform that focuses on giving day fundraising events that often include peer-to-peer (P2P) campaigns. This platform is designed to help nonprofits engage their communities by highlighting team fundraising events.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive Campaign Management: Features like customizable donation forms, event management, and team fundraising come with Mightycause's suite of fundraising tools. With a focus on giving day fundraising campaigns, other online fundraising solutions may be less well-rounded.
  • Integrated Donor Management: Mightycause provides basic donor management capabilities, though, as a basic all-in-one fundraising solution, these essential tools might not be as robust as those found in specialized CRM systems.
  • Event Fundraising: Facilitates giving days and other fundraising events with customizable event websites. While giving days are wonderful catalysts for community giving, the P2P focus is slightly off-center.

Why it works: Mightycause excels at creating an emotional connection with donors through its community-based giving day fundraising solutions. Nonprofits that rely on team-based campaigns to drive donations will like the merging of peer-to-peer and giving day solutions.

Why we prefer Funraise: While Mightycause offers excellent tools for giving days and campaign management, Funraise provides a more balanced and comprehensive approach to fundraising. Funraise combines powerful storytelling features with advanced customization, donor management, and analytics tools, giving nonprofits the power to create their own highly tailored and effective fundraising campaigns. With Funraise, nonprofits can build strong, lasting relationships with donors while maximizing their fundraising potential.

14. JustGiving (Global Reach Through Gift Aid)

JustGiving is a global fundraising platform known for its extensive reach and support for Gift Aid, making it easier for UK-based donors to enhance their contributions. The Blackbaud-owned platform provides robust tools for both individual and charity fundraisers.

Key Features:

  • Gift Aid Integration: Gift Aid is a program that supplements donations from UK taxpayers, boosting overall contributions. This feature is primarily beneficial for UK-based nonprofits, which may limit its appeal to organizations and fundraisers elsewhere.
  • Easy Sharing: JustGiving facilitates sharing on social media and through email, but customization options for fundraising pages might be limited.

Why it works: JustGiving’s Gift Aid connection provides significant advantages for UK-based nonprofits, maximizing the impact of each donation through tax relief.

Why we prefer Funraise: While JustGiving excels in Gift Aid support for UK-based charitable organizations, Funraise offers a more tailored and flexible solution for a wide range of nonprofits. Featuring advanced customization options, robust donor management, and detailed analytics, Funraise ensures that nonprofits can create unique and effective fundraising campaigns. Funraise’s comprehensive approach supports diverse fundraising strategies, from peer-to-peer efforts to major campaigns, making it the ideal choice for maximizing donor engagement and fundraising success globally.

15. Double the Donation + Funraise (Best Peer-to-Peer Tool for Corporate Donation Matching)

Blue banner Double the Donation + Funraise (Best Peer-to-Peer Tool for Corporate Donation Matching)

Double the Donation has positioned itself uniquely in the peer-to-peer fundraising market by focusing on maximizing corporate donation matching. Their flagship product, 360MatchPro, automates the matching gift process, which is particularly advantageous for nonprofits looking to enhance contributions through corporate matching programs.

Key features of Double the Donation + Funraise:

  • Company Matching on all donations with a click. Peer-to-peer donors are informed of matching gift opportunities in realtime as they move through the giving experience.
  • Automated matching process through Funraise. Donors can start the process as they donate, negating the need for them to proactively jumpstart the process or struggle to find out if their company has a matching program.
  • Access to follow up on match status in Double the Donation. Double the Donation prides itself on a vast user-friendly database and support which is beneficial to nonprofits, donors, and peer-to-peer fundraisers.

Why we love it: In conjunction with Funraise, Double the Donation leverages technology to streamline the matching gift process during and after the act of donating, making it easier for P2P fundraisers and nonprofits to increase their fundraising through corporate matches. 

How Funraise supercharges Double the Donation: Funraise offers a tailored approach to peer-to-peer fundraising, including engaging new and existing donors with matching gift opportunities. Together, Funraise and Double the Donation provide broad fundraising tools and analytics that support all aspects of donor management and engagement and result in significantly increased gifts from peer fundraisers' networks.

16. Springboard + Funraise (Best Digital Fundraising and Advocacy Ecosystem)

Blue banner Springboard + Funraise (Best Digital Fundraising and Advocacy Ecosystem)

Springboard, a key offering from Jackson River, is notable for its powerful tools for nonprofit fundraising and advocacy efforts. This collaboration with Funraise brings together advanced digital tools and comprehensive data handling to optimize peer-to-peer donor engagement and network-based campaign strategies.

Key Features of Springboard + Funraise:

  • Streamlined integration with the industry's best peer-to-peer platform, Funraise
  • Enhanced data management and customization through a deep integration with Salesforce
  • Mobile-friendly forms for diverse engagement opportunities
  • Advanced analytics for detailed tracking of campaigns and donor activities

Why it works: Springboard’s integration with Funraise harnesses robust analytics and customization capabilities, making it an invaluable tool for data-driven fundraising strategies and donor-centric peer campaigns.

How Funraise supercharges Springboard: While Springboard excels in advocacy-centric functionalities, Funraise broadens that reach with a suite of unparalleled peer-to-peer fundraising tools. This makes Funraise not only a complement to Springboard's offerings but also a key component of a comprehensive solution that caters to diverse nonprofit needs.

17. HubSpot + Funraise (Best Post-Peer-to-Peer Campaign Follow-Up Marketing Integration)

Blue banner HubSpot + Funraise (Best Post-Peer-to-Peer Campaign Follow-Up Marketing Integration)

HubSpot offers a versatile platform tailored for nonprofit organizations, focusing heavily on enhancing post-peer-to-peer fundraising campaign follow-up. Known for its broad scope in marketing tools, HubSpot integrates seamlessly with Funraise to amplify donor engagement and retention.

Key features of HubSpot + Funraise:

  • Comprehensive multi-channel marketing, combining direct mail, online, social media, and mobile donations.
  • Robust CRM functionalities to track and manage donor engagements.
  • Integration capabilities with major fundraising and social media platforms to streamline follow-ups.

Why we love it: HubSpot excels in providing a CRM that not only supports fundraising efforts but also fortifies the relationship between nonprofits and their donors. While Funraise encompasses a wide range of fundraising methods, including traditional and P2P fundraising, HubSpot enables streamlined post-donation stewardship.

How Funraise supercharges HubSpot: By leveraging Funraise's specialized features, nonprofits that use HubSpot can not only initiate and run P2P fundraising campaigns effectively but also seamlessly connect these efforts with their broader fundraising strategy and donor management systems. This provides a more cohesive peer fundraising experience for both organizers and donors, leading to better fundraising outcomes.

18. Raiser's Edge + Funraise Integration (Best Legacy Fundraising Platform and Peer-to-Peer Integration)

Blue banner Raiser's Edge + Funraise Integration (Best Legacy Fundraising Platform and Peer-to-Peer Integration)

Raiser's Edge + Funraise Integration merges Raiser's Edge's legacy donor management capabilities with the dynamic peer-to-peer fundraising features of Funraise. This integration is crafted to enhance nonprofit operations by providing a seamless experience that supports both traditional fundraising management and modern fundraising strategies.

Key Features of Raiser's Edge + Funraise:

  • Enhanced Data Management: Automatically synchronize donor data between Funraise and Raiser's Edge, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information.
  • Comprehensive Fundraising Tools: Utilize peer-to-peer fundraising capabilities alongside classic donor management to broaden fundraising efforts and reach.
  • Integrated Campaign Management: Manage all aspects of fundraising campaigns, from initial donor contact to final reporting, within a unified system.

Why we love it: Funraise's integration leverages Raiser's Edge's strengths in donor management while incorporating innovative fundraising tools from Funraise, creating a powerhouse for nonprofits that need robust, multifaceted fundraising capabilities. Funraise + Raiser's Edge allows for extensive customization in donation forms and provides detailed analytics that make strategizing and monitoring campaign performance easy.

How Funraise supercharges Raiser's Edge: While the Raiser's Edge + Funraise integration offers comprehensive solutions, Funraise is the magic ingredient that provides a modern and innovative approach to peer-to-peer and event fundraising as well as features that are essential for engaging today’s donors. Moreover, Funraise's platform is designed to be intuitive, reducing the learning curve and enabling nonprofits to launch campaigns more quickly and effectively.

19. Salesforce + Funraise Integration (Best Data-Based Donor Management and Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Solution)

Blue banner Salesforce + Funraise Integration (Best Data-Based Donor Management and Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Solution)

Funraise's Salesforce integration creates a powerful data-driven solution for nonprofit fundraising professionals, combining Funraise's innovative peer-to-peer fundraising technology with Salesforce's robust CRM capabilities for the ultimate end-to-end P2P fundraising strategy.

Key Features of Salesforce + Funraise:

  • Advanced Data Integration: Sync donor and fundraising data seamlessly between Funraise and Salesforce to unlock comprehensive tracking and reporting.
  • Customizable P2P Campaigns: Create tailored peer fundraising campaigns with detailed insights and analytics.
  • Automated Workflows: Utilize automated tasks and processes to streamline fundraiser and donor management and engagement.
  • Scalable Solutions: Support large-scale fundraising initiatives with the flexibility and scalability of Salesforce's Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP).

Why We Love It: When it comes to peer-to-peer fundraising, Funraise's integration with Salesforce offers a holistic approach by merging the strengths of both platforms, providing nonprofits with the tools needed to optimize P2P fundraising strategies and donor relationships.

How Funraise supercharges Salesforce: While Salesforce's CRM capabilities are unmatched, Funraise's specialized fundraising features, such as custom donation forms, peer-to-peer campaigns, and real-time reporting analytics, enhance the overall fundraising experience, ensuring both effective donor engagement and successful campaign outcomes.

20. Virtuous + Funraise integration (Best CRM + Front-end Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Platform)

Blue banner Virtuous + Funraise integration (Best CRM + Front-end Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Platform)

Virtuous is renowned for its comprehensive nonprofit CRM and donor management capabilities (for good reason!), focusing on building strong, personal connections with donors through automation, data insights, and tailored communication strategies.

Key Features of Virtuous + Funraise:

  • Responsive donor management and CRM capabilities
  • Automation tools to optimize donor engagement
  • Comprehensive analytics for data-driven decision-making
  • Personalized communication tools to maintain donor relationships
  • Integration capabilities with various platforms, including Funraise

Why we love it: Funraise brings in the donors! With a simple, friendly giving experience, Funraise makes sure that supporters convert to donors. Then, Virtuous excels in helping nonprofits create meaningful, personalized relationships with their donors. Their tools are designed to enhance donor engagement through detailed insights and automated processes, ensuring that every interaction is impactful. 

How Funraise supercharges Virtuous: While Virtuous provides stellar CRM tools, Funraise brings additional value with its dynamic peer-to-peer fundraising features, making it easy for supporters to engage and raise funds on your behalf. This synergy enables organizations to leverage both platforms' strengths, maximizing fundraising potential and donor engagement in a unique and powerful way.

21. Daxko + Funraise Integration (Best Peer-to-Peer Fundraising and Member Management for Community Organizations)

Blue banner Daxko + Funraise Integration (Best Peer-to-Peer Fundraising and Member Management for Community Organizations)

The integration between Daxko and Funraise offers a powerful combination for nonprofit organizations, especially those managing community-focused initiatives like YMCAs, Jewish Community Centers, or Boys & Girls Clubs. This integration enhances the functionality of Funraise’s front-end tools with Daxko’s robust backend operations, providing a comprehensive solution for effective fundraising.

Key Features of Daxko + Funraise:

  • Seamless donation process: Easy-to-use donation pages and embeddable forms enhance the donor experience with mobile-friendly, branded tools.
  • Annual campaign structure: Build engaging program-focused annual campaigns that draw in members of all ages. 
  • Member management: Dive into peer-to-peer fundraising with your existing member base. 
  • Multi-organization support: Manage multiple nonprofit entities under a single account, with specific receipting and permissions for different chapters or organizations.

Why we love it: The Daxko and Funraise integration provides a streamlined, user-friendly experience that enhances P2P donor engagement through beautifully branded, efficient donation processes.

How Funraise supercharges Daxko: In conjunction with Daxko, Funraise significantly boosts functionality for community organizations. With peer-to-peer fundraising capabilities, advanced donor management systems, and customizable analytics, the Daxko + Funraise integration ensures that all types of peer-to-peer campaigns, from small community projects to large-scale initiatives, can be executed successfully, fostering long-term donor relationships and maximizing fundraising potential

22. Shopify + Funraise (Best Peer-to-Peer Swag and Prize Management System)

Blue banner Shopify + Funraise (Best Peer-to-Peer Swag and Prize Management System)

Shopify is widely recognized for its e-commerce prowess, and it brings this expertise to the peer-to-peer fundraising arena, especially in managing swag and prizes. Because rewards are a peer-to-peer magnet! Funraise's Shopify integration is particularly appealing to nonprofits that use merchandise as incentives for fundraisers.

Key features:

  • Customizable Storefronts: Shopify allows users to customize their storefronts for selling fundraising merchandise. Having an integrated fundraising platform with high-level customization means branding—and therefore donor trust—is consistently tight all the way through.
  • Advanced Prize Management: Effective management tools for tracking and distributing rewards are well within Shopify's wheelhouse, yet without an integration to align donors and their rewards, you're in for a lot of ticky-tacky data entry.

Why it works: Shopify's tools simplify the management of fundraising merchandise, enhancing the fundraising experience for both donors and fundraisers. Donor engagement is easier and supporters are incentivized to give so they can get rewarded.

How Funraise supercharges Shopify: In essence, if your nonprofit's strategy includes selling merchandise or managing a complex inventory of prizes as part of your fundraising efforts, Shopify offers robust tools that can help. However, for organizations looking for a comprehensive, nonprofit-centric fundraising solution, Funraise integrates advanced donor management systems, automated communications, and event management capabilities, offering a comprehensive solution that goes beyond just managing merchandise.

Frequently Asked Questions: How to choose a peer-to-peer fundraising platform for your nonprofit (Assisted by AI)

How do you make money from peer-to-peer?

Peer-to-peer online fundraising platforms, sometimes called crowdfunding platforms, offer organizations and individuals the opportunity to raise money for a cause by asking their network of friends, family, and colleagues to make donations on their behalf. Nonprofits make money on P2P by asking their supporters to fundraise for them.

What is the number 1 crowdfunding platform?

Funraise, obviously! Funraise is the number 1 crowdfunding platform, or, in nonprofit language, the best peer-to-peer fundraising platform in the world. Offering customizable campaign and fundraiser pages, simple social sharing tools, and additional features like pre-registration, fundraising commitments, and a mobile-friendly giving experience, Funraise has everything nonprofits need to be number 1!

Is there a better online fundraising platform than GoFundMe?

Funraise, obviously!! GoFundMe is made for individuals raising money for personal passion projects. Funraise is made for nonprofit fundraising professionals who want to change the world. With the best peer-to-peer fundraising tools, higher conversion rates than any other fundraising software, and a streamlined giving experience, fundraisers and donors love Funraise!

Which social media platform is best for fundraising?

One popular option for peer-to-peer fundraising is Facebook; it provides a large audience for reaching potential donors. Both Facebook and Instagram offer peer-to-peer features like fundraisers, donation buttons, and easily shareable fundraising campaigns. The best social media platform for fundraising depends on your target audience, strategy, and fundraising goals. 

What is the best peer-to-peer fundraising platform?

Funraise, obviously! Funraise's industry-leading, user-friendly, tech-first peer-to-peer fundraising tools offer nonprofits a way to expand their networks, raise money, and have fun all at the same time. Funraise is more customizable, comprehensive, and shareable than other P2P platforms.

What is the difference between peer-to-peer fundraising and crowdfunding?

Peer-to-peer fundraising and crowdfunding are both methods to raise funds, but there are some key differences. Peer-to-peer fundraisers reach out to their personal networks to solicit donations on behalf of a charity or organization. Crowdfunding typically involves donors contributing smaller donation amounts of money to reach a personal fundraising goal.

Why should my nonprofit use peer-to-peer fundraising?

Peer-to-peer fundraising is a powerful tool for nonprofits to leverage the networks of their supporters in order to raise funds and increase awareness for their cause. Your nonprofit should use peer-to-peer fundraising because it increases reach, engages supporters, and is cost-effective. Funraise makes P2P fundraising fun!

What is a peer-to-peer fundraising platform?

A peer-to-peer fundraising platform is a digital tool that enables individuals to raise money on behalf of a nonprofit organization or cause by reaching out to their personal network of friends, family, and colleagues. This type of fundraising leverages the power of social connections and allows donors to become fundraisers themselves.

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