400% Increase in Recurring Revenue for The Cupcake Girls

400% Increase in Recurring Revenue for Anti-Trafficking Nonprofit The Cupcake Girls

March 2, 2020
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2019 was a banner year for The Cupcake Girls.

Their year-over-year numbers tell a story of incredible growth, and the resulting successes are what make The Cupcake Girls' fight against sex trafficking worth every moment.

Here's the stats:
  • Double the number of online donations
  • 61% increase in online donation revenue
  • 400% increase in recurring donation revenue
  • Double the number of peer-to-peer fundraisers
  • 386% increase in online peer-to-peer revenue
  • 25% increase in total income
  • Double the amount of resources and referrals offered
  • Core offerings increased by waaaaay too much to count. F'reals.
Here's the feel-good:

After three years of fundraising, The Cupcake Girls purchased a building in downtown Las Vegas and are breaking ground to launch their Local for All project: a central safe space for all of The Cupcake Girls' clients and partners. Local for All is a place that everyone can shop, eat, work, and both provide and receive necessary healing and progressive services.

How'd The Cupcake Girls do it?

As a completely privately-funded nonprofit, The Cupcake Girls depend on funding from their growing supporter base in the form of peer-to-peer fundraising and recurring donations.

Reaching new fundraisers is tough and converting donors from one-time to recurring is no simple task. To make it happen, The Cupcake Girls employed a fundraising strategy that relies on a proven formula of donor karma and achievable goals powered by Funraise's donor-friendly fundraising technology.

"Our clients show up and do hard things every single day so it's an honor to invite our entire team and community to show up for them to raise funding which is essential in meeting every need without condition. Funraise provides a peer-to-peer experience that makes it personalized and engaging (with a hint of competitiveness 😉) for all of us to exceed our goals and be a part of the collective impact we get the opportunity to make every day." —Joy Hoover, CEO and founder of The Cupcake Girls

Congratulations on a funding amazing year, Cupcake Girls! Funraise is proud to help you build your movement.

The Cupcake Girls Team
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