Action Against Hunger proves Funraise Donation Forms produce profits

May 23, 2021
6 minutes
Action Against Hunger's Funraise Donation Form is displayed on a phone in someone's hand. The person is clicking on a button to donate $65, and appears to be standing outdoors, donating on the go.

Has your nonprofit ever asked, “Can a better donation form improve conversions?”

Action Against Hunger answered this very question after experimenting with Funraise's unique pop-up donation forms and increasing conversion rates.

“The results proved to be pretty amazing for us.”

Andrew Chappell, Action Against Hunger's Digital Lead, has high praise for Funraise's donation forms. The humanitarian organization took a scientific approach, putting the forms at donors' beck and call when they updated their website in early 2020 ...but they weren't prepared for the astounding results.

Lucky for you, you have time to prepare yourself before you look at the data below.

First, a little context.

AAH's tests focused on increasing conversion rates by allowing the donor to make a donation from any page through pop-up donation forms—a type of form that shows up right on a page rather than redirecting the donor to another page to give. Funraise makes it possible to add pop-up donation forms anywhere on your nonprofit's website. Compare that to a traditional donation path: donor clicks a donate button; donor is taken to a separate donation page; donor gives nonprofit some money.

The idea was simple: if a donor could click a button and donate as they're being moved by a compelling story, learning about localized work, or reading the homepage, the motivation and momentum would increase the conversion rate exponentially.

Funraise's customizable donation forms took on the challenge easily, giving website visitors the opportunity to become donors with fewer clicks, less waiting, and almost zero searching for the magic donation button.

Next, a little clarification.

Don't be fooled into thinking this is a one-and-done, immediate gratification change. Action Against Hunger came to these results after a long conversion rate optimization test, ensuring their data backed up the success they saw with Funraise's pop-up donation forms. If your nonprofit is interested in seeing similar results, experimenting with pop-up forms is a great place to start your own optimization process.

Results ahead!

With Funraise’s ability to pop open the form directly from the button:

  • Total combined (one-time and monthly) conversion rate saw a 78.4% increase
  • One-time gift conversion rate increased by 88.2%
  • Monthly gift conversion rate increased by 12.1%
  • Total value (accounting for conversion rate and average gift) showed an increase of 23.3% for one-time gifts and 65.8% for monthly gifts

Clearly, donors love pop-up donation forms. AAH's reaction to their streamlined site is also full of positivity, with Andrew stating,

“The flexibility with the Funraise forms and our ability to embed them anywhere on our site has been a great value add for us.”

Well, Action Against Hunger, your work adds value across the globe—Funraise is so proud to assist your impact.

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