YMCAs See Sustained Growth with Funraise

June 17, 2024
5 minutes
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Traditionally, YMCAs are some of the most beloved hearts of the community—many members have fond memories of community centers and want to extend those happy days to their children, neighbors, and loved ones. But YMCA's reach extends beyond the gym, pool, and youth and senior programming to the deeper purpose of building a cohesive community.

Fueling meaningful change means fundraising, though, and as YMCA branches expand their members' support through donations, building a great giving experience is essential. Funraise's friendly, reliable front-end fundraising tools mean that YMCAs, JCCs, Boys & Girls Clubs, and community centers can keep growing and deepening relationships:

  • Create donation appeals with ease
  • Build annual appeal campaign sites that inspire donors
  • Grow and sustain recurring gifts
  • Monitor performance with data dashboards and custom reports
  • Manage multiple nonprofits under one roof

And to level up these member-focused giving experiences even further, combining Funraise's powerhouse fundraising tools with Daxko's member management delivers an intelligent revenue-boosting community fundraising toolkit. Check out the Funraise-Daxko integration!

Funraise plays nice with YMCAs—Here's the proof!

It's like looking in a scrapbook; fond flashbacks of fundraising campaigns bringing communities together. Let's take a look...

YMCA of Greater Long Beach

Supporting several local branches, YMCA of Greater Long Beach has seen massive annual growth in their online fundraising and has grown online revenue every year, going from $85,700 in 2019 to $222,900 in 2023—that's more than 2.6x over a 4-year period!

Even greater? Not only is YMCA of Greater Long Beach sustaining that growth, they're on track to break that record in the first quarter of 2024. (Don't worry; we will definitely be updating these stats as they get more and more impressive.) Drum roll, please: As of March, YMCA of Greater Long Beach has raised over $220,200 through their annual campaign. Stay tuned because 2024 is poised to be an incredible year of growth for YMCA of Greater Long Beach!

But that's not all! Here are a few additional successes that YMCA of Greater Long Beach has seen in its time with Funraise:

  • Raised over $1,000,000 (online!) from over 5,500 donors
  • Raised over $36,000 in recurring donations
  • Supported 615 peer-to-peer fundraisers
YMCA of Greater Long Beach Online Fundraising Stats

Gaston County YMCA

Using Funraise's friendly front-end giving experience, Gaston County YMCA has become a powerhouse organization when it comes to fundraising. Take their growth between 2021 and 2022: starting at $45,400 and increasing to $82,000, they've seen over 80% growth in online fundraising in just one year.  

In addition, Gaston County YMCA is engaging: they've raised $228,000 online from more than 1400 donors and had 141 peer-to-peer fundraisers rallying for their community centers.

"Donors are able to give to the Y with a quick one-click and it is what they expect," says Gaston County YMCA Executive Director of Youth Development Molly D'Avria says. "They aren't having to go out of their way to try hard to support our YMCA."
Gaston County YMCA Online Fundraising Stats

So, how do these delightful community centers compare with other nonprofits using Funraise?

According to our growth stats, Funraise customers grow online revenue 73% year-over-year on average, 3x faster than the industry benchmark. Gaston County blew through that marker at 80% and Greater Long Beach is primed to exceed that benchmark in 2024—check back for confetti-blasting numbers!

When it comes to P2P revenue growth, on average, peer-to-peer fundraisers on Funraise raise $1220, 2x the amount of top P2P programs.

Turn Members Into Donors and Boost Donations With Funraise

For tips, tricks, and tools to turn your community organization's members into donors take a listen to Funraise's own Dani Lockard. Dani, a Fundraising Specialist, breaks down three practical tactics that you can use to boost your annual campaign's success. (And she shows off some awesome examples, too!)

Funraise is proud to support membership-based community centers like YMCAs, Jewish Community Centers, Boys & Girls Clubs, and the neighborhood organization where you make memories. Discover how Funraise can make annual campaigns delightful, add spirit to peer-to-peer campaigns, and build long standing subscription programs.

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