Template: Tell your donors how to set up a Facebook Fundraiser

August 29, 2021
3 minutes
A gigantic Facebook logo breaks through fluffy painted clouds in a majestic light-filled burst! It's Facebook Fundraising! And a divinely simple template to lead the way!

Facebook Fundraisers are bringing in loads of success stories for all kinds of nonprofits. Look at Stop Soldier Suicide, Dressember, One Tail at a Time, and Barbells for Boobs!

If your nonprofit is interested in diving into the Facebook deep end, you'll need to give your potential donors a clear, concise, and compelling how-to so they can get their personalized fundraisers up and running in a snap. We've taken a (literal) page from Action Against Hunger's site and built a template that any organization can customize just for that purpose. For more cool examples, check out Chick Mission's fundraiser resources and our very own Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Toolkit for Nonprofit Supporters.

Facebook Fundraiser How-To Template

Create Your Personalized Fundraiser

[Insert your nonprofit's compelling story here—the key to motivating any action is getting your reader invested.]

Setting up a fundraiser to [what your nonprofit does] with [your nonprofit's name] is easy.

Create a fundraising page in a few minutes, then share it with your network of friends and family via email, text message, and social media. Your connections will be happy to support a great cause if you just ask. This also allows you to connect your [your nonprofit's name] page directly to Facebook, making it easier than ever to boost your donations on social media.

You'll receive a notification every time a donation is received, allowing you to send thanks to your fundraiser supporters. You'll also be able to track the total amount raised so you can celebrate the lifesaving impact that your friends and family have made together.

We are excited to have you as part of our community, and we look forward to celebrating your achievements with you.

Start Your Campaign [link to your P2P signup form]

When you sign up to be a [your nonprofit's name] fundraiser, you'll have the option to connect your page to Facebook. Share your Facebook fundraiser with friends and family—every donation captured on that page will be automatically recorded on your [your nonprofit's name] fundraising page.

There you have it! Simple, straightforward instructions for Facebook + Funraise peer-to-peer success!

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