How One Nonprofit Raised $340,000 Through Facebook

How One Nonprofit Raised $340,000 Through Facebook and Increased Giving Tuesday Donations by 245%

December 16, 2019
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Raising more than $340,000 in 8 weeks through Facebook fundraising alone doesn't sound easy, but innovative nonprofit Dressember called the weeks leading up to and following Giving Tuesday 2019 their "fastest fundraising buildup ever". So, how'd they do it? Using Funraise's Facebook integration.

For comparison, on Giving Tuesday 2018, Dressember raised $120,501 through Funraise-synced Facebook donations—more than they raised through all their channels the previous Giving Tuesday. As a result, their total Giving Tuesday donations increased 245% from 2018 to 2019.

Let's look at the numbers for Dressember and two other nonprofits:


$340,000 raised on Funraise-synced Facebook pages in the weeks leading up to Giving Tuesday 2019.

32% of Dressember's 4805 fundraisers have created a Funraise-synced Facebook fundraiser.

Tracy P., Dressember's Controller, explained 2019's success, "The benefits of using Funraise's Facebook integration as a donation channel made it very easy on Dressember fundraisers and donors."

One Tail at a Time

$27,000 raised on Funraise-synced Facebook pages since October 2019—of that, $19k was raised during their Giving Tuesday effort.

69% of One Tail at a Time's 100 fundraisers have created a Funraise-synced Facebook fundraiser.

“The new Facebook integration allowed us to spend less time manually tracking donations made through Facebook, and more time engaging donors to give. All together, we raised over $100,000 this Giving Tuesday!” —Cara Schwalbach, Development Director, One Tail at a Time

This Facebook integration, built by the nonprofit experts at Funraise, enables organizations to maximize their peer-to-peer Facebook fundraising by increasing revenue and ensuring a sustainable supporter engagement strategy based in Funraise's nonprofit-centric donor CRM—no matter the channel.

Funraise's Facebook Integration allows supporters to create a synced Facebook Fundraiser with their Funraise fundraising campaign
Tony Sasso, Funraise's CPO and Co-founder, says, "Facebook fundraising isn't new, but in the past, it presented a challenge for organizations looking to maximize their Facebook fundraisers. Due to the lack of a centralized campaign home that would traditionally rally supporters around a collective goal, nonprofits have struggled to sustain Facebook donors. Adding to the difficulties, Facebook's lack of data has hindered organizations from being able to fully utilize Facebook fundraising techniques. Funraise's Facebook integration has provided nonprofits with a way to break through that Facebook fundraising wall."

Data doesn't lie! After only weeks of use by Funraise customers, nonprofits are raving about how easy it's been to turn frustrating Facebook fundraising into synced social success.

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