Giving Tuesday Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Tips

Tap into Peer-to-Peer on Giving Tuesday with Giving Day P2P Fundraising Tips

August 8, 2021
4 minutes
Giving Tuesday hearts surround profile photos of happy peer-to-peer fundraisers. Their photos are adjacent, showing how P2P connects one donor to another to grow your support.

We've been joining in Giving Tuesday campaigns long enough to know that it's a solid way to kick off the busy year-end fundraising season. But have you ever thought about Giving Tuesday as a way to kick off an awareness campaign for your nonprofit as well?

Running a peer-to-peer campaign that leads up to Giving Tuesday is one way to get lots of eyes on your nonprofit, at a moment when people are motivated to be generous.

There are plenty of peer-to-peer guides out there—heck, all of our P2P secrets are documented in our P2P Fundraising Guide—so we won't restate the steps. Tying a peer-to-peer campaign to a giving day is a beast of a slightly different color, though, so use the tips below as you put your peer-to-peer pedal to the metal.

Want all the options? Download our Giving Tuesday Toolkit because heck yes, there is more.

Get started early, if you can.

Factor in time to allow the awareness to spread. If it's too late to get fancy, go grassroots and make your ask in one place, like Facebook.

Be transparent with your ask.

Not only does the transparency allow donors to feel vested in the outcome, it also makes it easier for your fundraisers to spread the word. Don't forget to tie your Giving Tuesday goal to a larger, time-bound goal that donors can follow.

Give your fundraisers all the messaging they need.

They're doing the work of spreading the word—don't make them come up with what to say, too! This also has the benefit of keeping your story consistent and accurate.

Pair your P2P with another tactic to massively scale.

Run a competition, offer swag, rewards, and merchandise, or end with an event (in this case on Giving Tuesday!) Peer-to-peer is based on engagement, so make it fun!

Give your fundraisers room to be themselves.

Funraise gives your peer-to-peer fundraisers control over the content on their sites (which is why it's important to offer them proper messaging), so they can include a personal ask, story, or video to connect to their networks.

Support your fundraisers with a social shout-out or newsletter or website mention.

As their networks see them raising money for a great cause (yours!), it adds gravitas and motivates new donors.

If you've been thinking of dipping a toe into social fundraising, say through Facebook, Instagram, or another platform, this is the perfect opportunity to meet your current donors where they spend their time online and frame your nonprofit's story for social-style consumption. ...With the result being a supporter segment that connects to your cause on their own terms.

Ready to go down the resource rabbit hole? Check these out!

Download the Giving Tuesday Toolkit for even more ways to make the most of Giving Tuesday.

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