Mastering the Zen of Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns can be effective, but even experienced nonprofit fundraisers encounter challenges when running P2P campaigns. Learn how to navigate these challenges with tips from successful fundraisers in this comprehensive guide to peer-to-peer fundraising.

Take a look at what you get in the Mastering the Zen of Peer-to-Peer Fundraising guide.

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Answers to all of your peer-to-peer fundraising questions:

  1. What is peer-to-peer fundraising?
  2. What are the steps to planning a peer-to-peer campaign?
  3. How do I find P2P fundraisers?
  4. What's the best tool to make customizable campaign pages? (Funraise, obviously!)
  5. What are the best strategies for promoting my peer-to-peer fundraising campaign?
  6. What are the benefits of managing and tracking my P2P fundraiser?
  7. What are the best practices for evaluating and optimizing peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns?

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Confidential! Little-known hacks for peer-to-peer fundraising success

  • Tips and tricks for mega-successful peer-to-peer sites
  • The 4 fundamentals of P2P fundraising
  • How to convince your supporters to fundraise
  • The right way to support your peer participants
  • Lots of examples of radical P2P sites
  • Ways to make P2P fundraising campaigns easier on you and your fundraisers
  • Social fundraising campaign hacks

What does a successful peer-to-peer fundraiser look like?

Well, here's one way of looking at P2P success: peer-to-peer participants on Funraise raise $1,220 on average, which is double the amount of top P2P programs in the sector. And for reference, in 2021, the average one-time donation for non-Funraisers was $125 (M+R). So, let's do the math: one peer-to-peer fundraiser on Funraise is worth nearly 10 times more than a regular one-time donor. 

We'd say that looks like success!

Extra! Quick questions and answers about nonprofit peer-to-peer fundraising

You don't even need to download this guide to get these lightning-quick answers. Read on!

What are the benefits of peer-to-peer fundraising?

Peer-to-peer fundraising relies on a nonprofit's supporters to raise money by sharing a cause with their friends and family. P2P has many benefits for the individual fundraisers and the organization. For example, peer-to-peer fundraising brings in new peer donors who have a tie to the nonprofit. It also increases potential donor engagement and builds community support around a cause.

What are the differences between crowdfunding and peer-to-peer fundraising?

Peer-to-peer fundraising involves individuals soliciting online donations from their personal networks on behalf of a nonprofit organization. This method relies on personal connections and relationships to raise funds for a specific cause. Crowdfunding typically involves an individual campaign page where the donor base contributes to a larger campaign goal set by the organization or individual running the crowdfunding campaign.

How do you get started with P2P fundraising?

The best way to get started with peer-to-peer fundraising is to find an awesome nonprofit peer-to-peer fundraising platform like Funraise. Share the plan and a clear peer fundraising goal with your supporters and explain that this fundraising plan relies on their assistance. Give them all the tools they need to succeed, and keep them motivated through communication.

How can I encourage participation in P2P fundraising campaigns?

Peer-to-peer fundraising can be a powerful tool for raising funds for your cause, but getting participants to actively engage and fundraise can sometimes be a challenge. Here are some tips to encourage participation in peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns: create a compelling online campaign, provide easy-to-use tools, offer incentives, and communicate regularly.

Which is the best peer-to-peer fundraising software for nonprofits?

The best peer-to-peer fundraising software is obviously Funraise! When it comes to peer-to-peer fundraising, having the right software can make all the difference. Funraise offers specialized, customizable P2P tools that are easy to use for both nonprofit fundraisers and peer fundraising participants. In addition, Funraise's integrations and gamification elements make P2P fundraising as simple and successful as possible.

What are some of the top examples of peer-to-peer fundraising?

An awesome example of a successful P2P fundraising campaign is The Cupcake Girls, who doubled their P2P fundraisers and increased peer-to-peer fundraising revenue in their first full year with Funraise. Other organizations host ongoing online fundraising campaigns; for example, the American Heart Association's Wear Red and Give peer -to-peer campaign. 

What is peer-to-peer fundraising?

Peer-to-peer fundraising is a powerful and effective way to raise money for an organization by leveraging the networks and connections of individual supporters. In this type of fundraising, supporters create personal peer fundraising campaign pages and reach out to their friends, family, colleagues, and social media accounts to ask for donations on behalf of the cause.

What is the goal of peer-to-peer fundraising?

The goal of peer-to-peer fundraising is to empower individuals to raise money on behalf of a cause they're passionate about. Instead of relying solely on traditional methods of fundraising, such as direct mail or fundraising events, peer-to-peer fundraising leverages the networks and connections of current supporters to reach a wider audience and raise more funds.

What are the disadvantages of peer-to-peer fundraising?

While peer-to-peer fundraising can be a highly effective way to raise money, one big drawback is lack of control. When you invite your network of supporters to be a part of your fundraising strategy, you give them the freedom to communicate when, how, and to whom they see fit. One way to mitigate this challenge is to provide them with branded, pre-written assets like web copy, social media posts, and emails.

What's the best way to incorporate social networks into peer-to-peer fundraising?

Funraise makes it easy to create a personal campaign that simultaneously generates a Facebook social fundraising campaign. P2P fundraisers can tackle it like a social media challenge and incorporate social proof into their personalized campaigns to more quickly and easily achieve their revenue goals. They can also leverage their social media presence into a peer fundraising event that will result in a successful campaign.

What is the "peer" in peer-to-peer fundraising?

The peer is you! And you, and you, and you, way in the back. Peer-to-peer fundraising relies on the network of the volunteer fundraiser, so it could be literally anyone. Maybe it's someone who has a birthday fundraiser on a social media platform like Facebook. It could be a bunch of dedicated supporters who put together a fundraising team.

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