10 ways to use time saved with Funraise's campaign site editor

May 7, 2021
6 minutes
An old computer monitor displays a close-up shot of colorful candy sprinkles.

Be honest. How many hours have you spent trying to fix things on your nonprofit’s website? How many hours have you lost to building or fixing campaign-specific microsites or P2P sites? A lot, right?! And it gets frustrating real quick. You’re not a coder or tech wiz. You’re a champion of philanthropy and you want to get back inspiring people to give.

But you also know that custom campaign websites and campaign assets can improve your fundraising results. Plus, custom stuff just looks rad and makes you feel like a boss.

We want you to have that boss feeling all the time, so we made an incredible fundraising website builder to bring your fundraising dreams to life.

Whether this is your first time building a fundraising website or your gazillionth one, tools like templates, easy drag-and-drop layout features, and an intuitive layout editor will make building that custom fundraising website a breeze.

So what should you do with all that time you save on your next fundraising campaign?

Here are our top 10 ways to use the time you'll save by building fundraising websites with Funraise's campaign site editor.

Invent the next Ice Bucket challenge

Viral TikTok pasta can take a hike! It's been too many years since the Internet has had a great viral nonprofit fundraising campaign. HAHAHAHA, hold a sec while we wipe our eyes... lol.

Or maybe just head to the breakroom to microwave some pasta. Just sayin’.

Fill out all those grant applications that have been piling up

You know what we’re talking about. Those “would be nice, but the applications are suuuuuper annoying” grant applications. Getting your campaign sites built with zero frustrations will give you enough time to create a "budget" for that foundation's $250 and enough chill to not blow it all on wine to make it through the application.

Get the printer/photocopier working correctly

It wouldn’t be a nonprofit office if your printer/copier were churning out crisply-inked paperwork. With all the extra time not spent trying to read code, you can break out that 800-page manual and finally put un-jamming paper jams in the past.

Or maybe you just take it outside and give it the Office Space treatment.

Respond to your board member’s emails about fundraising ideas

Your board member has a whole list of fundraising ideas for you starting with a 50/50 raffle and ending with the Ice Bucket Challenge 2.0.

"I'm right on top of that, Rose!"

Catch up on Nonprofit AF posts

Come for the cute animal pics. Stay for the mind-blowing commentary on the nonprofit sector.

(Here are a few cute animal gifs to tide you over.)

Jump on the #HumaneHiringMovement bandwagon

Make the nonprofit you love so much into a better, more equitable place to work—starting with the hiring process. Some ideas: disclose salary on your job posts. Get rid of unnecessary "minimum qualifications" in those postings. Find alternative places to get the word out about your open positions so your org has a wider variety of candidates. Stop upholding white supremacy during the hiring process by silently requiring adherence to unspoken conventions like thank-you notes, cover letters that weren't requested, "professional" hairstyles, and availability for off-the-cuff phone screenings.

Pro Tip: You don't need to have open positions in order to change your documented procedures around hiring. Make the change before you need to implement it.

Clean out that black hole of a desk drawer and organize the top of your desk

How long has that dust bunny even been there? And how did you not notice it until now??

...But most importantly, does that dust bunny spark joy?

Figure out how to finally connect your payment processor, your donor CRM, and your email tool.

And when you do, you’re buying yourself a cake.

Or you could utilize the streamlined tools and integrations that Funraise offers. Salesforce, Mailchimp, Facebook/IG, and more.

Daydream about how you’re finally going to get a phone call from a celebrity keen to support your cause like Leo DiCaprio supports environmental causes.

Heck, it's a moment of fantasy. Not just one, but alllll the celebs are going to be lining up to support your cause in this daydream.

Figure out what you’re having for dinner.

Gotta make sure you fuel up for another day of world-changing work.

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