Winter Fundraising Calendar

Gift your donors a nifty giving experience!

Halloween through New Year's Eve can be the busiest time of year for fundraisers... then the calendar flips to January, and we're somehow at the starting line again. If you spend your winter stressing over bringing in the funds, then download this calendar, gift yourself some comfy-cozy jammies, and start offering your donors giving experiences that'll warm even the coldest heart.

Funraise's October-through-February Winter Fundraising calendar is a festive list of ideas to fit any fundraising strategy.

  • Virtual and in-person events that bring the fundraising fest
  • A full spectrum of cultural celebrations and days of remembrance
  • Virtual fundraisers that'll dazzle the digital crowd
  • Double duty strategies to grow your budget and your donors

This mega-list of winter fundraising ideas ranges from the merry and bright to the weird and wonderful, so bundle up and get to planning!

P.S. Under no circumstances should you stick your tongue to a metal pole.

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