Summer Fundraising Calendar

Summer is finally here! Our favorite season has everything we love: cool blue pools, lots of outdoor time, and the most creative fundraising events of the year. There's no better time to fire up donors and fan the flames of their love for your nonprofit.

To help your Summer fundraising heat up, we’ve put together a list of red-hot fundraising ideas for June through September.

  • Blazing-yet-cool fundraising ideas for virtual and in-person events
  • Wide-ranging cultural celebrations and days of remembrance
  • Double duty strategies to grow your budget and your donors
  • Fundraisers to resolve the eternal struggle: Back-to-School vs. Endless Summer
  • Ideas designed to raise loads whether you're indoors or out

Download the PDF for a sizzling Summer fundraising plan designed to make your Summer fundraising as streamlined as a Slip 'N Slide—and just as fun.

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