Reimagining Recurring Donor Programs

Imagine your nonprofit with 1000% more recurring donors

The economic landscape is changing, big time. And while your recurring program may currently be reliable, it's pretty clear that now is the time to be drawing up plans to make sure that reliability grows stronger.

Justin Wheeler, Funraise CEO and Co-founder, sits down with Cara Schwalbach of One Tail at a Time, a Chicago nonprofit that makes pet adoption a joyful and accessible experience, to talk about how they grew their recurring program by 1000%, their COVID-19 response, and making it A Thing.  

Tune in as Justin and Cara think through questions like:
  • How can we ensure our donors know that we notice each and every one of them? (Because we do!)
  • How can we upgrade first-time donors into recurring members?
  • What kind of exclusive perks can we offer as we can only socialize distantly?
  • How can technology make it possible to scale or jumpstart a recurring program? (Because I'm a department of one!)

You can make sure that your recurring program is strong enough to sustain your nonprofit through any economic crisis—it's all about nonprofit-specific technology, long-term planning, and the empathy that nonprofits are known for. (And animals, if you have them.)

Read more about how One Tail at a Time relies on the automagic of Funraise.


Cara Schwalbach

Development Director
One Tail at a Time

Cara moved to Chicago in 2011 to pursue a career in musical theater, but instead adopted two dogs and became the Development Director for One Tail at a Time. Cara now leads One Tail at a Time’s individual giving, membership, corporate giving, grant and peer to peer fundraising programs. Since joining the One Tail family in 2016, Cara has helped grow the organization’s monthly giving program from 200 donors to more than 1,600 donors, mostly by having fun and empowering others.

Justin Wheeler

CEO and Co-founder

As a social entrepreneur, Justin helped start two successful nonprofits, both of which became multi-million dollar organizations. He brings over 10 years of experience from the nonprofit sector and was an early team member of Invisible Children, which raised over $50M in the first 8 years of operation.

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