Dressember and Movember’s P2P fundraising secrets

Millennials want to fundraise for you. Lead the way. 

Get a front row seat for 🤯 secrets to engaging millennials in peer-to-peer fundraising from P2P legends Movember and Dressember. Blythe Hill, CEO and Founder of Dressember, and Katelynn Whitaker, Movember's marketing contributor and leader for a decade, join a 2022 P2P Forum breakout session led by Dana Snyder of Positive Equation that’s aimed at sharing the secrets to engaging millennials.

Get access to tactics like...

  • 4 millennial must-haves for P2P fundraising
  • Opportunity costs of not doing P2P (It's a LOT!) 🤯
  • Branding and messaging tactics to excite and entice millennial fundraisers
  • Surprising keys to unlocking emerging platforms and an eye-opening explanation of TikTok's algorithm
  • Advice for nonprofits just starting out with a P2P program
  • Recommendations to reignite a stagnant P2P program
  • Hacks to be everywhere at once—or at least stream (almost) everywhere at once

And much, much more!


Dana Snyder

Founder and CEO
Positive Equation

Dana Snyder is the Founder and CEO of Positive Equation, a digital consultancy focused on helping heart-driven nonprofit marketers cultivate a passionate audience of donors, partners, and advocates through innovative digital consulting. Dana has worked with Movember, Dress for Success, USTA, American Idol, Empire, The Gary Sinise Foundation, Hashtag Lunchbag, and many more, using social media as a powerful vehicle to spark social change.

Blythe Hill

CEO and Founder
The Dressember Foundation

Blythe Hill is the CEO and Founder of the Dressember Foundation, an anti-trafficking nonprofit organization. Through their annual campaign, thousands of people across the world commit to wearing a dress or tie for the month of December as a way to raise awareness and funding for anti-trafficking programs. Since 2013, Dressember advocates have raised $15MM USD and resourced dozens of anti-trafficking programs across the US and the world.

Blythe currently lives in Seattle with her husband, son, and their dog, Friday. She loves a good red wine, a good cheese and clearly, a good pun.

Katelynn Whitaker

Marketing Lead

Katelynn Whitaker is the full-time US marketing lead at Movember, the global men’s health charity, and a part-time marketing consultant. In her role at Movember, Katelynn is in charge of devising and executing marketing plans which include overseeing brand, digital and media partnerships for the foundation. Focused on engaging young men, Katelynn is an expert in creating innovative strategies to reach millennials. By breaking down stigmas and encouraging fun, meaningful conversations, Katelynn and the foundation are working towards a world where the men we love live longer, healthier, happier lives.

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