Plan, Raise, Engage: 10-Day Event Strategy Course

Funraise wants to help you put the fun back into fundraising and make your nonprofit-event-planning life a piece of cake!

The updated-for-2023 Plan, Raise, Engage: 10-Day Event Strategy Course provides straightforward, actionable strategies and templates to help you plan your most successful nonprofit fundraising event ever, whether you’re an event-planning veteran or a fundraising novice.

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  • Determine fundraising goals and develop a budget
  • Select the perfect venue and date
  • Assemble the event team of your dreams
  • Create engaging programmatic elements for your event
  • Plan out your event marketing starting from one year out to day-of, and beyond

Wait, there’s more! Once you complete the course, you’ll gain access to all the valuable information and tools in one easy-to-read PDF, so you can refer back to it for all your future fundraising events.

Torn up paper and a book cover reading: Plan Raise Engage Event Strategy Course

Who says event planning has to be the pits? With the right strategies and tools in place, planning your next nonprofit fundraising event will be easier than ever.

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