Digital Dynamite with Kishshana Palmer

We're all sharing this COVID-19 lockdown with some unwanted roomies: anxiety, boredom, and fear of the unknown. What we need, though, is to invite over our good friend let-loose-laughter! Enter Kishshana Palmer, CFRE, public speaker, mother, and ray of sunshine.

Since it's possible that the changes to... everything we know about everything we do (!) have you stressed, join Funraise CEO Justin Wheeler and your dynamic digital godmother Kishshana for a lesson in pivoting your humor, self-care, and, yes, fundraising strategy during the Time of Corona.

Let these experts walk you through the best way to manage through the mayhem and transition your nonprofit's fundraising strategy into the digital realm while keeping your fundraising revenue on track.


Kishshana Palmer

CFRE, Author, Speaker, and Founder
The Rooted Collaborative

Kishshana Palmer is a national speaker, trainer, and coach with a 17-year background in fundraising, marketing, and talent management. Founder of The Rooted Collaborative—a global online community for Women of Color in Fundraising—Kishshana is the author of "Hey, I'm New Here", the host of the podcast A Shot of Vitamin K, an adjunct professor at Baruch College, a Certified Fundraising Executive (CFRE), a BoardSource Certified Governance Trainer (CGT), an AFP Master Trainer, and your classic 90's Queens homegirl + quintessential corner office executive.

Justin Wheeler

CEO and Co-founder

As a social entrepreneur, Justin helped start two successful nonprofits, both of which became multi-million dollar organizations. He brings over 10 years of experience from the nonprofit sector and was an early team member of Invisible Children, which raised over $50M in the first 8 years of operation.

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