Twitch Tips to Start Livestream Fundraising From an Insider

So you want to check out livestream fundraising. You've heard about the $30 million raised for charity by Twitch streamers in 2017, the $40+ million they raised in 2018, and the $55 million they raised in 2019. It makes sense that you want a piece of that growth.

Step into our office.

We've got Alyssa Sweetman, livestream content creator and Diversity and Charity Program Manager at Twitch, the world's most popular live streaming service, here to give you an insider view of livestream fundraising.

Sit down with @alykkat and Justin Wheeler, Funraise CEO and Co-founder, for an honest talk about how to (and how not to!) identify and reach out to streamers, escaping the Gamer persona fallacy, and the 3 things you need to get started with low-dollar, livestreaming, influencer fundraising.


Alyssa Sweetman

Diversity and Charity Program Manager

As the liaison uniting NGOs and live streaming content creators at Twitch, Alyssa specializes in supporting influencer and livestream charity fundraising. Alyssa is also a livestream content creator who uses her superpowers to promote diversity in the charity world.

Justin Wheeler

CEO and Co-founder

As a social entrepreneur, Justin helped start two successful nonprofits, both of which became multi-million dollar organizations. He brings over 10 years of experience from the nonprofit sector and was an early team member of Invisible Children, which raised over $50M in the first 8 years of operation.

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