Streamlabs Fundraising Integration

Bring your livestreaming fundraisers to life.

Livestream fundraising is a cutting-edge social fundraising strategy. Empower already-active streamer-supporters to maximize your donations through streaming platforms like Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook. By letting your fundraisers and influencers take the lead, your movement can truly scale.

LiveStream Fundraising

Streamers can connect their peer-to-peer campaign page and their stream to host live fundraising events—activating a whole new donor base.

On-screen Donation Alerts

Streamers can configure data-rich alerts when they receive a donation. A crucial aspect of livestream fundraising, Funraise has made it easy for streaming supporters to celebrate onscreen.

Multi-platform Support

Your supporters can use Streamlabs with Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook's livestreaming functionality. This multi-platform approach furthers the reach of your campaign message and increases revenue from these social fundraising opportunities.

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