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The Best Nonprofit Payment Processor - Funraise Payments

A central, secure, seamless nonprofit payment processor
  • Debit & Credit card
  • ACH (eCheck)
  • Apple Pay

Why Funraise Payments is the best payment processor for nonprofits

You and your donors deserve the best payment processor for nonprofits, which is why we offer transparent pricing, nonprofit-first technology, and a commitment to security.

Platform fees

Donors cover fees

Funraise only charges a platform fee when the donor chooses to cover the platform fee. When the donor doesn't cover our fee, Funraise doesn't charge a platform fee. Result: Funraise’s Donors Cover Fees model supports an effective platform transaction fee of 0%.
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of donors cover fees
When a donor covers the fees, they cover a  portion of processing fees.
Effective platform fee
When a donor doesn't cover the platform fee

Nonprofit payment processing fees

Securely collect card, ACH, and Apple Pay donations with transparent nonprofit payment processing fees.
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Key features of Funraise's nonprofit payment processor

Funraise Payments’ payment processing for nonprofits offers your donors all their favorite payment methods in a secure, streamlined giving experience.
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Industry-leading security

Funraise Payments is backed by Stripe's industry-leading security, fraud reduction, and payment management features.
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Additional payment methods

Funraise Payments supports card, ACH, and Apple Pay payments; Funraise also supports more popular payment methods. These additional payment methods have their own processing fees.
PayPal has its own processing fees.
BitPay has its own processing fees.
PayPal, which owns Venmo, has its own processing fees.


Accept PayPal wallet and guest checkout payments.


Accept Bitcoin, Ether,  and other popular crypto payments with BitPay.


Coming soon
Accept Venmo donations for fast mobile payments.


Accept stock donations on your website.
DonateStock has its own processing fees.

You've earned your Stripe.

Funraise Payments raises the bar on your bottom line.
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