Virtual Events

Funraise provides essential nonprofit fundraising tools for your next virtual fundraising event.
Talk to Sales
Example of nonprofit virtual event features, including a donation button, donation progress bar, and video player.

Sell Tickets

Click it to ticket. Surprise! Virtual events can charge for admission. If ticket revenue has traditionally been an important part of your event, consider selling tickets to your virtual events. You can also provide free registration. It's up to you.
    Example of a nonprofit ticket form.

    Embed your event livestream

    Livestream your event right on your campaign's website! Easily embed options like Youtube, Vimeo, and Facebook into a Funraise Campaign Site to create a branded fundraising event experience. Funraise's leading campaign site editor gives you control over the theme and content and allows you to place donation buttons and progress bars alongside your event livestream.
      Nonprofit event website, including a donation progress bar and a custom video player in the top banner section.

      DIY Peer-to-peer fundraising

      Peer-to-peer goes virtual! Whether you’re planning a run/walk fundraising event or a livestream video event (or planning to livestream your run/walk!), enabling peer-to-peer fundraising can provide an essential revenue stream for your nonprofit's virtual fundraiser.
        Peer-to-peer fundraisers for a nonprofit event, fundraisers are listed showing their photos, names, and amounts raised.

        Get Fancy

        It's all about the confetti. 🎉 Pump up your virtual event and encourage more donations when you celebrate donors. Use Funraise’s Streamlabs integration to send live donation alerts to your livestream video and pour on the donor love.
          Nonprofit livestream event with example donation notification appearing on the video.