Tyler Robinson Foundation goes global with Funraise data

May 31, 2020
3 minutes
Tyler Robinson Foundation logo next to images of supporters at fundraising events.

It was time for Tyler Robinson Foundation to go global.

Because they were growing quickly, the Imagine Dragons-backed organization expected they'd need a hefty, antiquated fundraising platform to support families fighting pediatric cancer. Then they could get serious about their explosive increase in supporters, donations, and communications.

What they learned, though, was that the only way they could get serious was to get friendly. To get intuitive. To get Funraise.

"We needed to lock down our fundraising processes." Lindsey Petersen, Director of Operations for Tyler Robinson Foundation explained, saying,

"Our growth track looked much different than most nonprofits' and Funraise offered us the reporting agility we needed to make long-term plans."

When they got Funraise, TRF no longer had to rely on one gatekeeper to pull all the reports and update the database and manage everything manually. Funraise streamlined every department and program within TRF, enabling the heads of each department and program to pull their own reports in minutes.

When they got Funraise, TRF saw donations land in realtime. Meaning, they could pick up the phone, send a thank-you, or extend a personal email immediately. They didn't slow down, they showed gratitude.

When they got Funraise, TRF had a wealth of data at their fingertips. The international reports made their global expansion possible, allowing them to identify donor-heavy regions so they could focus on building long-term relationships with loyal supporters.

Tyler Robinson Foundation got an intuitive, user-friendly fundraising partner they could take global when they got Funraise.

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