Stand & Salute our Veterans: A Funraise and OCCF Giving Day

June 13, 2018
3 minutes
Purely decorative image. Photo showing the back of a soldier from the shoulders up. The soldier is wearing a soft cap and a camouflage shirt and has light hair styled in a bun at the back of their neck. The soldier is saluting the US flag with their right hand (on the right side of the picture.) The whole picture is treated with a blue color and has and has copy overlaid. The copy starts with morse code spelling out "Stand and Salute" in red and light blue and underneath in white text, says "Stand & Salute A giving day to honor OC veterans and military families".

By now, you know the power of Giving Days, since OCCF absolutely blew past their previous goal with the Help Them Home and Empowering Possibilities days in April and May. 

The next OCCF Giving Day serves those who have served: Stand & Salute honors veterans and military families in Orange County. It's with pride that Funraise partners with OCCF to increase philanthropy in our community, even contributing $100,000 throughout 2018 to local causes like Patriots and PawsVeterans Legal Institute, and Strong Families Strong Children

Stand & Salute and Donate!

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