A New Day: Salsa Labs alternatives for nonprofits

May 10, 2023
4 minutes
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It’s happening. You’ve been with Salsa Labs for some time now and gotten to know the platform, but now, you’re being bombarded with “Becoming Bonterra” and you’ve received the message: It’s time to switch from Salsa donor management and fundraising tools.

Let’s take a sunset stroll as we discuss your post-Salsa options. Join us!

What’s happening with Salsa Labs

Salsa Labs was purchased by Bonterra. Bonterra is deciding whether to sunset Salsa Labs.

If you’re a Salsa user, you’re probably feeling pressure to migrate to another Bonterra technology. But if you’re like the Salsa users we’ve heard from, you’re feeling a lack of clarity about how other options will address your specific needs as a 501(c)3. And to get even deeper, you may be feeling like price increases in your fundraising technology may be around the corner, impacting your impact.

We’re here to help.

Salsa sunsetting is an unexpected but good opportunity

This unexpected change may seem frustrating or disruptive to your fundraising options, but it’s actually a great opportunity. As a Salsa user, your nonprofit is pretty advanced in the fundraising tech space, so contrary to having to start over, you’ve got the chance to advance!

It’s time to step into innovation—these days, there’s no reason your nonprofit should have anything less than fundraising software that prioritizes your needs and applies technology to the obstacles and issues unique to the nonprofit industry.

We recommend taking at least a 3-5 year view, and partnering with the best platform for your long-term growth and stability.

Oh yeah, the market has shifted since you moved to Salsa, which is great news for you as a nonprofit. You can now get better technology at a lower cost.

What are your options?

Salsa, Salsa Engage, Salsa Labs, Salsa CRM, Salsa software, salsalabs; no matter what you call it, it’s no longer an option. So, what are your options when it comes to Salsa Labs competitors—and Salsa Labs pricing?

We can (and will) talk about which Salsa Labs alternatives you can (and should) switch to, but first, let’s look at the bigger picture. What are your options?

You can raise more.

Nonprofits using Funraise grow online revenue 73% year over year on average, 3x the industry average. You can, too.

You can engage more donors.

Funraise’s donation form has an unparalleled conversion rate of 50%. Engage more donors, bring in more donations, make more impact. You got this.

You can use your resources more efficiently.

On average, P2P fundraisers on Funraise raise $1,220, 2x the amount of top P2P programs. And with the industry average one-time donation being $125, that means your peer-to-peer fundraisers are 10x more valuable than those who donate one time.

Not only that, but P2P fundraisers who use Funraise’s Facebook integration raise 83% more. Amazing.

Salsa Lab vs Funraise

Funraise is already ready already! Check out the Salsa customers we’ve helped move from Salsa to Funraise: Stop Soldier Suicide, National Wheelchair Basketball Association, Meals on Wheels, and Ronald McDonald House Charities—and more are making the switch every day!

But how does Funraise stack up to Salsa? Funraise offers superior backend and front-end fundraising tools in one platform, at a better cost and fee structure.

With Salsa being primarily a CRM, when you move to Funraise, you’ll get all the benefits of a CRM connected to an entire suite of intuitive, friendly front-end fundraising tools, like

  • Industry-leading, customizable campaign sites
  • The best, most innovative peer-to-peer program in the world
  • Next-gen donation forms with machine learning that optimizes conversion rates
  • Constantly-expanding Text Engagement & T2G tools
  • Intelligent, custom reports and dashboards
  • Award-winning Support and Success teams

And all of this with cost savings, low barrier to entry, & extreme ease of getting started.

Every Action vs Funraise

Guess what? Funraise is more like Salsa than other Bonterra substitutions are.

As you may have heard, Salsa Labs’ platform is not the same as other platforms owned by Bonterra—in fact, they weren’t even built to address the same needs or the same types of nonprofits. Funraise continues to be built by and for nonprofit people to overcome nonprofit-specific obstacles and issues.

  • Funraise’s front-end fundraising capabilities are superior—and that includes our donation forms, campaign sites, and peer-to-peer.
  • Every Action is designed specifically for organizations that have a large advocacy focus. Funraise was built to bring innovation and ease to all nonprofits.
  • Funraise brings you more payment options and more ways to engage, at a lower price point and better fee structure.

And to tie it all up in a bow, Funraise’s award-winning Support and Success teams are reachable, transparent, and nonprofit-knowledgable.

Network for Good vs Funraise

We’re including Network for Good here because they’re also owned by Bonterra. But we have to ask… what does it say about Network for Good if even Bonterra, their owner, isn’t trying to move you to that platform?

We’re not saying there’s anything wrong with Network for Good, but in these days of takeovers and sellouts and sunsetting, is there a risk that you’ll have to move again?

Let’s look at how Funraise stacks up anyway. We’ll make it quick.

  • Funraise is perfect for Salsa nonprofits because you’re not going to outgrow Funraise’s platform, and you’re not going to find yourself set back a decade, tech-wise.
  • Network for Good takes a month to send funds to organizations using its fundraising tools. A month! Funraise is all about the same-day transfers.
  • Both Funraise’s CRM and our front-end features outclass Network for Good at every turn.

There you have it. Funraise is a better fit for nonprofits who liked Salsa fundraising but have to say goodbye. Clean, clear, and quick. Salsa being sunset is the start of a brand new day for your nonprofit. Seize it!

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