Safe Families finds double the success with Funraise's forms

Safe Families finds double the triple-digit success using Funraise's forms

March 30, 2021
7 minutes
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“Platform, Process, Partnership”—Those are the “Three P’s” Ken Norwood associates with Funraise.

But that's only the tip of his experience with Funraise: Ken, COO and Strategic Relationships expert at Safe Families for Children, has lots to say about the child welfare-focused nonprofit's relationship with Funraise.


With other fundraising technology providers, Ken says the relationship was your typical vendor-client situation. But with Funraise, “we knew we had a partner. You really listened... and helped us problem-solve.”

And that partnership led to double triple-digit growth during 2020. Safe Families' top growth priority, donor acquisition, exploded by over 300%, leading to the 40-states-strong organization's online giving revenue increasing by an incredible 583% year over year in their first year with Funraise.


When asked about the biggest benefit to using Funraise, Ken has high praise for the platform as a whole: the customizable, user-friendly platform allowed Safe Families' child welfare experts across the country to easily show donors how their local communities were being affected by COVID—without having to be a tech expert.

“When the story is unique for every chapter, we don't sound top-down, we sound engaged, hospitable, local... and [Funraise] forms allow us to build that out in a cohesive way.”

There's not a moment of hesitation when comparing Funraise to other fundraising platforms, either. Ken's relief is obvious as he notes, “Fundraising is like broccoli, but you've made it into candy corn and cake.”


  • Even during Covid, Safe Families' one-time gifts went from an average of $25 to ~$35.
  • Safe Families saw a 301% increase in their donor base in 2020.
  • Online giving revenue grew by 583% year-over-year.
  • Individual giving is up by ~70% in Safe Families' first year with Funraise.


Ken's final advice to nonprofits is “Trust the process. You're gonna get there... at times it felt slow, but it was the foundation we needed to be successful.”

Listen to Ken's full interview to hear more about his experience with Funraise.

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