5 New Ways to Look at Funraise’s Growth Statistics

May 28, 2023
3 minutes
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If you haven’t been keeping up with the latest headlines, you might not have heard that organizations using Funraise are seeing some dang impressive growth, doubling and even tripling industry averages when it comes to revenue and conversions. For an overview of what that’s meant for your fellow nonprofiteers, we’ve already broken down the numbers. But after spending a couple of hours poking and prodding those figures, we found ourselves thinking, “What does it all even mean? What IS a number?” And while we can’t help with that second question, which feels more existential, we’d like to tackle that first one here and now.

When it comes to growth statistics, how can we contextualize all these numbers in a way that makes sense and showcases their true value? And also is kind of fun? To stay true to Funraise’s funroots, here are some different ways to look at those same ol’ digits.

The peer-to-peer prizewinner

We’ve long sung the praises of peer-to-peer fundraising because it brings in the big bucks. And here’s the proof: In 2021, fundraisers on Funraise raised $1,220 on average, which is double the amount of top P2P programs in the sector. That same year, the average one-time donation for non-Funraisers clocked in at $125 (M+R). So, a single P2P fundraiser on Funraise is worth nearly 10 times more than a regular one-time donor. 🤯

The online revenue growth victor

In 2021, the average organization using Funraise grew online revenue 73% year-over-year—three times faster than the industry average of 24%. Put another way, Usain Bolt, the fastest (human) runner on earth, once hit speeds of 27.5 miles per hour. A cheetah, the fastest (land) animal on earth, can hit speeds of 75 mph. (Yeah, we’re impressed, too).

If Usain Bolt got a trainer as good as Funraise, he’d be beating even the speedy cheetah. Maybe we should train Usain?

The donation conversion champion

On Amazon, the average listing has a conversion rate of 10-15% for non-Prime members. On Funraise donation forms, the conversion rate for website visitors is 50%. Now, we’re not saying we’re more successful than Amazon, but … okay, we’re saying it. Funraise's conversion rate is 50% compared to Amazon’s 10-15%. And in case you were wondering, for other e-commerce sites, the typical conversion rate is 1-2% (EComCrew). If they were all Funraise customers, they’d be retiring right about now. (Or, more accurately, they’d be spending their time changing the world for the better … but potato, po-tah-to.)

The subscription success

As we all know, the subscription economy is thriving. We’ve got young altruist kits, meal kits, make-up boxes, dog-toy medleys, and cryptid crates. But how has the subscription boom actually impacted revenue? According to the 2021 Subscription Economy Index report, subscription businesses experienced faster growth rates, growing revenue at 16.2%. That’s impressive! But in that same year, Funraise nonprofits grew recurring revenue by 52% year-over-year on average. You heard that right: Funraise organizations experience 52% recurring revenue growth on average—more than triple the revenue growth of other subscription-based organizations.

The social media conquerer

We’ve already established the power of peer-to-peer with Funraise, but here’s another statistic for you: when Funraise fundraisers used our Facebook integration in 2021, they saw an 83% increase in the amount they raised. What else grew at 83%? Just the second-fastest growing brand worldwide; the second-biggest search engine: YouTube. So it seems that organizations that use Funraise are in good company.

As you can see, Funraise growth stats rule! You can read more about our latest growth stats (and how those numbers look in action) here. Now, time to sign up for Funraise and watch what happens.

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