Long Beach Nonprofits Raise Over $800k in 24 hours with Funraise

September 18, 2019
2 minutes
Photo of a tree-filled city skyline in front of water that reflects the buildings and trees. Overlaid text in white, mustard, and red says "Long Beach Gives 24 hours to make a difference" with a heart in place of the "O" in "Long Beach".

During the first-ever fundraising giving day in Long Beach, California, 93 nonprofits raised $822,605.69 with strategic direction and fundraising technology provided by Funraise. These charities achieved what many thought was impossible, surpassing their goals over and over again in just one 24-hour period. 

Long Beach Gives is a 24-hour, online fundraising campaign that provides Long Beach nonprofits the opportunity to gain exposure and start relationships with new donors. With a fundraising goal of $750,000, Long Beach Gives aimed to inspire individuals and businesses in the community to come together and make a difference by supporting the 93 local nonprofits who participated in the giving day.

Angelina Pavone, Funraise’s Director of Customer Success, praised the work that each participating nonprofit put forth, saying, “The amazing effort these nonprofits put into their fundraising shone through during Long Beach Gives. Many deserving causes took part, and the city of Long Beach will truly benefit from both the dollars and the awareness that was raised by these charities.”

Long Beach Gives sponsors included Funraise, the Josephine S. Gumbiner Foundation, The Nonprofit Partnership, Long Beach Community Foundation, Munzer Foundation, The California Endowment, and Arts Council for Long Beach. 

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