LiNK Fuels Its Mission Through Smart Fundraising Automation

August 13, 2019
5 minutes
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Rescuing refugees and working directly with North Korean people takes courage, resources, and an innovative approach to fundraising.

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International NGO Liberty in North Korea (LiNK) works directly with the North Korean people, accelerating change within North Korea through refugee rescue and changing the narrative about their country. Since its inception, LiNK has rescued over 1,000 North Korean refugees—victims of their own country's human rights violations.

North korean refugee smiling with face blurred out for security

LiNK uses Funraise to fuel its mission through smart fundraising automation. By automating its recurring giving program, the organization can use smart technology to manage its recurring donors so they can focus on life-changing work. Simply alerting donors of expiring credit cards using Funraise's features has drastically affected LiNK's recurring giving program.

"Automation is key for us. In order for us to do what's needed and really cover our bases, we have to be automated"..."The fact that we're not thinking about it and our monthly recurring program is doing well says a lot." — Brian Han, Director of Development

With the help of Funraise's smart automation and recurring giving features, LiNK rescued 326 North Korean refugees in 2018—more than double their previous year's impact.

LiNK's life-changing work is fueled by Funraise's smart fundraising tech.

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