Join the Funraise Ambassador Program and Get Paid!

April 25, 2019
1 minute
Gif of the Funraise Ambassador text logo surrounded by bouncing dollar signs.

Calling all nonprofit friends, who have friends, who have friends! This one is for you.

We're pumped to announce Funraise Ambassadors, our new referral program! We love supporting the rad nonprofits who make it rain for world change and want to help even more nonprofits reach their fundraising goals.

Any and everyone can be an Ambassador. You'll be able to earn ca$h for referring nonprofits to us: $ for each qualified nonprofit that takes a tour of Funraise's platform and, when they sign an annual contract with Funraise, $$$$$ more as a thank you. That's $$$$$$ per referral to spend on anything that makes your heart sing (as well as a big 'ol bonu$ when you send us 5 referrals who sign an annual contract).

We invite you to share the love and get rewarded, today!

This could be us!

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