Jackson River selects Funraise for Springboard's P2P fundraising

Jackson River selects Funraise to supercharge Springboard's peer-to-peer fundraising

September 25, 2022
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After a rigorous vetting process, Springboard developer Jackson River has chosen a best-in-class provider to build a streamlined integration augmenting Springboard's enterprise-grade digital fundraising platform with robust peer-to-peer capabilities.

No surprise; Funraise was Jackson River's top choice.

For Funraise, customer feedback has always been integral to the expansion and enhancement of its innovative platform—a perspective that aligns with Jackson River's core values. So when Jackson River embarked on a meticulous discovery process scrutinizing the industry's peer-to-peer fundraising platforms, it was natural that they ultimately chose the cream of the crop: Funraise, a nonprofit-born company whose focus is on constantly addressing the evolving needs of the mission-driven community.

This partnership will help strengthen Jackson River's community of enterprise nonprofit customers by giving them access to our robust fundraising suite, including fundraising websites, supporter pages, and automated emails, that will drive more revenue and provide a delightful donor and fundraiser experience.

This innovative partnership also allows the two to collaborate on an integration that brings Springboard customers essential functionality while leveraging Springboard’s robust integration with Salesforce’s Nonprofit Cloud.

"This partnership marks a watershed moment in peer-to-peer innovation and accessibility," said Justin Wheeler, Funraise CEO and Co-founder. "Partnering with Jackson River gives Funraise an opportunity to help even more nonprofits accelerate their growth through new fundraising strategies and networks."

The experience of nonprofit customers like the American Heart Association and Dressember has proven that Funraise's innovative, fast-growing peer-to-peer tools provide a level beyond the industry standard: In 2020, the average peer-to-peer fundraiser on Funraise raised $913, double the average for leading peer-to-peer programs.

“By leveraging Funraise's speed, agility, and nonprofit-focused innovation, Springboard will provide organizations with a fundraising ecosystem that brings an even more seamless and personalized approach to campaigning and donor engagement,” said Neal Keltz, General Manager for Jackson River. “We’re excited to expand our fundraising toolkit and recognize the significance of supporter-based campaigns across social networks and communities.”

As the updated peer-to-peer fundraising platform launches, Springboard users can feel more confident than ever in their ability to further cause and community engagement. To learn more about Springboard by Jackson River, schedule a demo and speak to a solutions specialist.

About Funraise
Funraise is a nonprofit-first online fundraising platform combining an unparalleled fundraising infrastructure with best-in-class donor management tools. Built by former nonprofit staffers for future nonprofit staffers, Funraise's platform was developed with an inherent understanding of what nonprofits actually need to succeed.

To learn more about the partnership, check out the Jackson River blog post.

About Jackson River
Springboard by Jackson River supports and strengthens the good work done by nonprofits by providing an enterprise-grade platform that powers digital fundraising and advocacy efforts. Jackson River is part of the Togetherwork family of companies. Togetherwork is a leader in software and payments for groups and organizations of all kinds, helping them grow, become more efficient, increase revenues, and provide excellent service to their members and constituents.

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