Innocence Project finds stability in Funraise's Salesforce integration

June 22, 2023
5 minutes
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In 2020, Innocence Project came to Funraise on a quest for a flexible, reliable, simple fundraising-to-Salesforce integration—a surprisingly tall order. Funraise accepted the challenge and brought the industry's best integration to the table.

Because Salesforce acts as a universal source of truth for Innocence Project's donor playbook, they needed a fundraising integration that was able to route data properly—for example, recognizing their high-value recurring donors and returning supporters was essential, but their previous integration consistently duplicated (and re-duplicated) this important data.

Specifically, how does Innocence Project use their data?

As the donations come in, Innocence Project tracks the source in Funraise by Giving Form. The data lands in Salesforce by way of Funraise's Salesforce integration—thanks to the database admins at Innocence Project who have previously laid the groundwork within this integration, ensuring that each piece of information ends up in the proper place.

Innocence Project then translates the information to their campaigns in Salesforce. In addition to identifying the correct campaigns, Innocence Project also categorizes donors— digital donors and individual donors, and includes gift size and location of donation (online or offline). This allows Innocence Project the ability to take a variety of actions based on those categories; for example, they can segment for communications and donor relations, include donors in recurring programming, and recommend other types of engagement, like volunteering or advocacy.

Once the data is securely and accurately established in Salesforce, Innocence Project has a number of integrations that use it—email platform, SMS, merch sales, and advocacy, to name a few.

Integration Inspiration

Depending on Funraise's Salesforce integration means more than just being happy with Funraise's flexibility, it means that Innocence Project can trust that the integration won't break. It means that Innocence Project knows that Funraise is always considering how new products will integrate with the existing Salesforce objects. It means that they can see revenue coming in—in real time.

Beth Hintze, Innocence Project's Director of Development Operations and Data Systems explains,

"The Funraise integration is really seamless and simple, in a user-friendly way. To run both of them, you don’t have to be technical."

Two years into their partnership with Funraise, Innocence Project has continued to perform in ways that inspire and encourage action.

In 2021, after just 16 months with Funraise, Innocence Project's fundraising stats looked like this:

  • Raised over $10M online from over 70,000 individual donors
  • Raised over $2.2M in recurring revenue from over 8,800 recurring donors
  • Increased recurring revenue every single month

And by the same time in 2022, their overall fundraising reflected stunning growth:

  • Raised over $15M online from over 80,000 individual donors
  • Raised over $4M in recurring revenue from nearly 10,000 recurring donors
  • Processed over 230,000 donations

Checking in for 2023, Innocence Project’s fundraising growth is on track for amazingness:

  • IP has raised over $20M total in their 3+ years with Funraise
  • Their recurring program has raised over $6.3M from more than 10,000 recurring donors
  • Online revenue from recurring is 30%—an awesome show of recurring strength!

Yes, Funraise is delightful, but our functionality exceeds expectations in so many ways: innovation, flexibility, responsiveness, to name a few. Innocence Project trusts their giving experience and fundraising data to Funraise and we couldn't be prouder.

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