17+ Nonprofit Technology Stats You Need to See

April 26, 2020
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So how exactly is COVID-19 impacting nonprofits? The folks at NextAfter have been combing through the data to find up-to-the-minute trends and examples that paint a picture of what’s happening in the sector. As they’ve noted, “no one knows what the ‘correct’ response is” in terms of fundraising and communications. We’re all in these uncharted waters together—and treading water a safe 6 feet apart!

Here are a few stats from NextAfter’s findings that show how nonprofits are holding it down.

  • At the start of the pandemic, nonprofits saw a decrease in website traffic. As stay-at-home orders went into effect, though, many organizations started to see an uptick in those web visitors.
  • The average gift size in March 2020 was $116.62, compared to an average of $135.58 in March 2019. This represents a drop of 14% just as millions of Americans applied for unemployment and requested additional help.
  • Despite email engagement staying consistent overall, nonprofit verticals dealing directly with the COVID-19 crisis, like Public & Social Benefit, International Relief, and Poverty Alleviation, have seen increased engagement.
  • Nonprofits increased the volume of the email sent during Spring 2020, with the biggest growth in International and Public Policy organizations.
  • Roughly 50% of all nonprofit emails sent via NextAfter through the end of March 2020 have been donation solicitations.
  • 60% of the email solicitations since March 2020 have mentioned COVID-19. Even if your nonprofit isn't working on services that directly relate to the pandemic, COVID-19 and the resulting social and economic changes are on everyone's mind.

In addition to NextAfter’s findings, the Global NGO Tech Report 2019 provides valuable insight into the state of tech in our sector. We pulled some wild stats, some promising, some frightening, that underscore the strengths and weaknesses of nonprofit tech use.

  • Did you know that... 81% of US and Canadian NGOs say video is very effective in communications and #fundraising, but less than 10% of them use YouTube Fundraising Tools or YouTube Ads? Meanwhile… YouTube is the top social media platform in the US for 73% of adults.
  • With over $2 billion donated through Facebook and 60% of US adults on Facebook, you’d think every nonprofit would be Facebook #fundraising. But... 55% of US and Canadian NGOs aren’t fundraising through Facebook!
  • Did you know that... 73% of US and Canadian NGOs have the #GoogleAdsGrant, but only 33% use #GoogleAds? Meanwhile... 86% of consumers use the internet to find local businesses & Google owns 71% of the search market. Data shows that $1 spent on Google Ads returns an average of $2.
  • Instagram ads cost 30-50% of Facebook ads, but they get twice the engagement. Yet only 29% of US and Canadian NGOs advertise on Instagram! Plus, Instagram ads rely on compelling video + images, which 74% of US and Canadian NGOs say is very effective in communications & #fundraising.

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