#GivingTuesday: You Came, You Saw, You Gave!

December 6, 2018
3 minutes
Colorful hearts and confetti with the message "You owned #GivingTuesday".

Nonprofit fundraisers and donors across the world deserve alllllll the applause for their record-breaking #GivingTuesday success. According to Nonprofit Pro , 2018 Giving Tuesday donations reached a whopping $380 million (up from $274 million in 2017) with a mean donation size of $105.More than ever, donors are opening up their wallets and giving to causes near and dear to their hearts in record numbers, and Funraise customers are reaping the benefits of an all-in-one nonprofit CRM.

The proof is in the (figgy) pudding:

Funraise's customers had donors with an average $143 per donation, surpassing the national average by 38%.

On Giving Tuesday 2018, Funraise customers' donors gave: $143 average donation size, 38% above the national average.

Funraise customers using Apple Pay experienced a 98% success rate to process online donations.

Let us help your nonprofit boost its online fundraising in the new year with peer-to-peer fundraising, customer success support from the Nice List, and a robust donor management system. After all, the best way to spread holiday cheer...is donating generously for all to hear.

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