Text-to-give: How to Build It Into Your Nonprofit Fundraising Strategy

February 27, 2019
3 minutes
Funraise CEO Justin Wheeler, Matt Scott, CEO of CauseMic and Angelina Pavone, Funraise Director of Customer Success, discussing Text Engagement at a table.

You do it, we do it, your grandma does it (perhaps a bit slower than the rest of us), but most importantly, your donors do it. Yes, that's right friends, we're talking about texting.

Almost everyone with a phone, smart or otherwise, sends and receives text messages on the daily. And if you want to get jiggy with data, according to Twilio, SMS messages have a 95% open rate. 😳

With 277 million texters in the United States alone, it was only a matter of time before organizations began implementing texting into their marketing and fundraising strategies. We should probably shout out those pioneering party promoters who've been using text messages to get you to RSVP to parties since the late 90s/early 2000s. Texting is so second nature now that you probably don't even realize you're engaging with companies on a weekly basis. Including everything from discount deals from retailers to appointment reminders from your doctor's office to two-factor verification, text engagement is all around us.

While larger organizations like the Red Cross have been using text messaging successfully during crisis situations, how can other nonprofits add text engagement to their year-round fundraising strategy?

You're in luck! Funraise has put together a free webinar, How to Build Text-to-Give Into your Nonprofit Fundraising Strategy, with nonprofits like yours in mind. Join Funraise CEO Justin Wheeler, CauseMic CEO Matt Scott, and Funraise's Director of Customer Success, Angelina Pavone, as they discuss all things text.

Funraise CEO Justin Wheeler and CEO of CauseMic, Matt Scott, at a table discussing Text Engagement.

Here are the questions this webinar will answer for you:

  • Why incorporating SMS into your multi-channel fundraising strategy is a no-brainer
  • How to effectively adopt a text engagement strategy to increase online giving
  • What you can do in the next 30/60/90 days that will make the greatest impact
  • Which real-world use cases you can use to jumpstart your text engagement strategy
  • How to make the most of each type of text engagement
  • When to use text engagement to maximize your fundraising events
  • What-not-to-do with text

You're itching to get up and running with incorporating text-to-give into your fundraising strategy, so what are you waiting for? Watch How to Build Text-to-Give Into your Nonprofit Fundraising Strategy today and start texting for a greater cause.

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