New Interface for the Best Nonprofit Fundraising Platform!

September 10, 2018
3 minutes
An open laptop computer sits in the middle of the image with the screen showing a Funraise nonprofit web page. The desk setting around the laptop is treated with a light rainbow effect that gives the illusion of mist and sparkles.

As you may (or may not) have seen, Funraise recently got a huge makeover that affects the way our platform looks and functions—for the better.

Here's what we updated:

  1. Color coding is in full effect, in a big way. no matter where you are in platform, you'll have a visual cue telling you what you're looking at and reminding you of the platform's other sections.
  2. We've got liftoff! Flyouts show you what you need to see smoothly, fluidly, and most of all... without forcing you to leave what you were doing. No more clicking back and back and back.
  3. Usability has shot through the roof. Donor information, website editing, and even your own settings pop into view with one simple click of your mouse.

As you may imagine, getting that special inner glow to shine from every corner of Funraise took tons of self-care. We drank lots of water, got our full 8 hours every night, and practiced mindfulness. Oh yeah, and our team worked their butts off.

The best part? It was all inspired by you! Our customers always practice the art of gratitude, unfailingly strive to be better, and are never superficial. Thank you for being you.

If you haven't taken a look, start here before you dive in.

And as always, we've totally got your back. We truly believe you're gonna love Funraise's new look, so we're all hands on deck until every customer is satisfied.

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