Funraise increases donation options with Venmo integration

January 2, 2023
3 minutes
The Funraise logo and Venmo logos are both placed on white squares on a blue background

Funraise, the nonprofit industry's most innovative digital fundraising platform, is expanding the ease and functionality of their already-friendly donation forms with an upcoming Venmo integration.

One of the most important directions that digital fundraising is currently taking is the need for additional, diverse methods of payment. Digital wallets like Apple Pay, stock donations, crypto donations, and even proprietary payment providers are examples of new payment methods that are simultaneously reducing nonprofit transaction costs, increasing donations, and streamlining the giving experience.

Venmo's inclusion in that group speaks to its ubiquitousness, its ease of use, and its social nature—the PayPal-owned mobile payment platform is an excellent fit for nonprofit fundraising. Combining Funraise's unparalleled giving experience with Venmo's clickability gives Funraise customers a leg up in the social fundraising space and allows donors to give how and when it's best for them.

For nonprofits that already have a PayPal account, accessing Venmo through Funraise is as simple as connecting their PayPal account. Funraise is investing heavily on payment options, with a focus on nonprofit accessibility. To that end, Funraise's Venmo integration allows donations to be viewed and managed in Funraise as well as in the nonprofit's PayPal account.

Justin Wheeler, Funraise CEO and Co-founder, explains,

“As social interactions have gone digital, donations have moved into the digital realm as well, making it imperative that nonprofits' evolve their ability to accept those digital donations. Funraise is proud that our constantly-developing product is a leader in addressing nonprofits' ongoing needs.”

The growth of digital fundraising into social spaces is a move that Funraise has championed since its inception. This step reflects Funraise's commitment to nonprofits and donors, as well as to a world that takes community support to a whole new level.

Funraise is a nonprofit-first online fundraising platform combining an unparalleled fundraising infrastructure with best-in-class donor management tools. Built by former nonprofit staffers for future nonprofit staffers, Funraise's platform was developed with an inherent understanding of what nonprofits actually need to succeed.

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