Funraise + Double the Donation = Double the Fun of Matching Gifts

April 30, 2019
3 minutes
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Funraise is thrilled to announce its new integration with Double the Donation, a leader in matching gift and volunteer grant software designed especially for nonprofiteers and educational institutions.

This partnership gives Funraise customers access to Double the Donation’s fully automated matching gifts solution, 360MatchPro, which makes it easy for anyone to identify and complete corporate matching gift opportunities—without taking all those extra steps that severely impact conversion rates.

Matching gifts can be wildly beneficial for nonprofits, but organizations often lack the resources to incorporate them into their overall fundraising strategy. That’s why Funraise is excited to bring this valuable resource to its customers and make it easier than ever to build an effective matching gift program, no matter the size of your organization.

Here’s what Justin, our CEO and Co-founder said: “We're thrilled to be working with Double the Donation on behalf of Funraise's customers. 360MatchPro doesn’t just save our clients time and effort—this integration also increases donation revenue while ditching donor frustration during the donation process. It's Funraise's mission to do away with the nonprofit struggle using smart, nonprofit-led fundraising technology, which is why Double the Donation 360MatchPro is a perfect match with Funraise.”

With 360MatchPro, nonprofit organizations can identify match-eligible donors, track the status of those donors’ match requests, and automate follow-up emails to help drive these matches to completion—all without interrupting the donation process with a bunch of unnecessary information. Funraise also provides superactionable insights to help nonprofits shape their matching gift programs moving forward.

“Funraise is such a great company to work with, and we are very happy to provide organizations that rely on Funraise with our advanced matching gift tools,” said Adam Weinger, President of Double the Donation. “With automated follow-up to all donors, not just donors that take extra steps during the donation process, these nonprofits are able to claim some of the  $4-7 billion of matching gift revenue that goes unclaimed every year.”

One of the biggest hurdles to building matching gift revenue is the lack of awareness about these programs among donors. 360MatchPro makes it easier for donors to identify more match-eligible donors and drive these matches to completion using customized, automated email streams. Now, Funraise’s customers can embed Double the Donation’s advanced tool across their fundraising pages and giving forms, making it easy to alert donors to matching gift opportunities.

Double the Donation’s 360MatchPro is available for all of Funraise’s customers. Just turn on the matching gift functionality directly within Funraise and get started in seconds!

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