Funraise and DonateStock Unlock Stock Gifting for Nonprofits

November 30, 2022
4 minutes

A first-of-its-kind partnership makes stock gifting as easy as a click of a button.

Funraise and DonateStock have announced an industry-first partnership that makes charitable stock gifting available to thousands of Funraise nonprofit customers. By making stock gifting accessible and easy for nonprofits and their donors, this collaboration aims to unlock millions in new funding for nonprofits of all sizes.

While stock gifting has been around for decades, it has largely been a 1% solution with the largest nonprofits receiving stock gifts from the wealthiest donors. The lack of access and the painstaking, manual process has been a deterrent for both donors and nonprofits for decades. DonateStock’s mission is to close that gap by providing access and removing friction so stock gifting is available to all nonprofits while making it fast, safe, and free for all donors to make charitable stock gifts.

"We see the challenges nonprofits face in today's modern world," said Funraise's CEO and Co-Founder, Justin Wheeler. “Almost $300 billion is given to philanthropic causes per year by individuals and most of this is cash. As donors sharpen their interests, join movements, and increasingly give online, organizations need the best technology and the smartest tools to connect with them," he said. "Funraise offers complete solutions for nonprofits, including a CRM, donation forms, payment app, campaign sites, and peer-to-peer functionality, and now stock gifting, enabling organizations to do everything in one place—and within a delightful platform," Wheeler added.

With this collaboration, Funraise’s nonprofit customer base can now offer donors a more tax-advantaged way to support their mission via appreciated stock. When donors give appreciated stock, they can avoid capital gains tax on the increased value of the stock while deducting the fair market value of the donated stock. DonateStock facilitates the online donation, converts the stock to cash, and distributes the proceeds to the nonprofit while providing transparency, notifications, and dashboard reporting.

"We are excited to launch this important partnership with Funraise and we view it as an important step in making stock gifting available to nonprofits of all sizes,” said Steve Latham, DonateStock’s Co-Founder and CEO. “By making our stock gifting easy button a seamless extension of the Funraise platform, we will enable thousands of nonprofits to unlock stock gifting as a vital source of new funding.”

For additional information, check out these stock gifting resources for nonprofits:

About Funraise

Funraise is a nonprofit-first online fundraising platform combining an unparalleled fundraising infrastructure with best-in-class donor management tools. Built by former nonprofit staffers for future nonprofit staffers, Funraise's platform was developed with an inherent understanding of what nonprofits actually need to succeed.

About DonateStock

DonateStock is a fintech startup that is transforming charitable giving by making stock gifting easy and accessible to millions of nonprofits and donors. DonateStock streamlines the stock gifting process to help donors save on taxes while having greater impact. Nonprofits benefit from larger pre-tax donations along with the tools, automation and support needed to diversify and scale stock gifting. By making stock gifting easy and accessible to all, DonateStock is helping thousands of nonprofits impact millions of lives. Learn more at

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