Nonprofit Impact Focus: AI-backed Fundraising Intelligence

Funraise Accelerates Nonprofit Sector Impact with Focus on AI-backed Fundraising Intelligence

March 6, 2024
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Increasing donation revenues and improving donor retention are key goals for Funraise’s data intelligence partnership with Sisense.

Los Angeles, CA: Funraise, the nonprofit sector’s premier fundraising platform serving thousands of nonprofit organizations, announces an acceleration of in-platform data intelligence products backed by AI, including AI forecasting, data explanations, and natural language queries. 

This effort to usher nonprofit organizations into the new era of AI will allow nonprofits to compete for the same dollars previously secured by for-profit companies that boast massive AI and data intelligence tools. Funraise’s team is excited to lead this turning point in nonprofit technology.

Funraise CTO and Co-founder Jason Swenski notes, "Nonprofits play a critical role in society, so it's essential that they have access to technology that maximizes their impact. By leading the way to a future of AI-backed data intelligence, Funraise empowers organizations to make world-changing difference."

The ability to sustain and increase revenue is currently a critical concern for nonprofits, with donor retention rates falling below 50% in 2022 (AFP). New AI and data intelligence solutions will support the sector in overcoming challenges they face in navigating complex donor retention initiatives and enable organizations to take strategic actions that result in increased efficiency, revenue, retention, and, ultimately impact.

Justin Wheeler, Funraise CEO and Co-founder, says, “Funraise has seen firsthand how the power of data intelligence can sustain and accelerate life-changing impact. We’re excited to increase the accessibility of this technology because we know nonprofits are poised to launch into a future where actionable insights will increase impact in a big way.”

Backing this initiative is Funraise’s continued partnership with Sisense, the leader in AI-driven analytics that empowers enterprises to seamlessly transform their data into a competitive edge. Because Funraise exclusively serves the nonprofit sector, this partnership provides Sisense with greatly increased impact in the social good sector.

Ayala Michelson, Chief Products and Technology Officer and GM Israel at Sisense, says, "Sisense is thrilled to bring cutting-edge data intelligence tools to the nonprofit sector alongside Funraise. By empowering organizations with the insights they need to make informed decisions, we can help maximize the impact of their mission-driven work."

About Funraise: Funraise is the leading fundraising platform combining innovative online donation tools, donor management, and data intelligence. Founded by nonprofit professionals in 2017, Funraise continues to boost nonprofit impact through intelligence.

About Sisense: Sisense, an AI-driven analytics platform, empowers users to build business analytics and accelerate product innovation by equipping product and development teams with a complete suite of no-, low-, and pro-code tools. Sisense integrates context-aware insights and analytics into data products in a modular, flexible, and scalable way. Composed of Sisense Fusion Embed, Sisense Cloud, and Fusion Compose SDK, Sisense’s flexible analytics platform has 21 patents to date and enables customers like ZoomInfo, Nasdaq, and Air Canada to infuse actionable insights into their customer experiences. Deeply committed to data privacy and protection, Sisense received the ISO 27701 Privacy Certificate. The company was founded in 2004 in Israel and employs a globally distributed workforce with offices in New York City, London, and Tel Aviv. To learn more visit

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