For the Children engages recurring donors through Funraise

For the Children's innovative spirit engages recurring donors through Funraise

December 8, 2020
5 minutes
The For The Children logo next to images of joyful kids.

When you talk to For the Children, it's clear that their vision includes a future where they engage more than just their kids. An innovative spirit has carried their supporters (even the ones who aren't digital wunderkinds) into the digital realm, and Funraise is right alongside as they lead the charge.

A Funraise customer since 2018, For the Children has grown by leaps and bounds, consistently increasing their total number of online donors and donations—even during the pandemic. But where they shine is getting their devoted supporters to make the leap from snail mail subscriptions to digital recurring donors, using Funraise's customizable donor journey and creative donor communications like Text Engagement to meet their supporters' digital comfort level.

Compare 2019 and 2020:
  • 2019: Recurring revenue accounts for 16% of total online donations
  • 2020: Recurring revenue accounts for 30% of total online donations

And with an average online donation of $258 and average recurring donation amount of $88, For the Children isn't letting COVID-19 slow them down.

“We're always excited to see what Funraise is working on—the platform gives us tons of opportunities to stretch and utilize new tools to the fullest while keeping the donor experience on-brand and easy enough for our longtime supporters to go digital.”
—Tiffany Everett, VP of Development, For the Children

Recently expanding their brand from Royal Family Kids, this worldwide, 20,000-volunteer-strong organization transforms the lives of foster care kids. And as the global pandemic highlighted additional needs of these kids, For the Children decided to broaden their mission and expand into prevention and advocacy spaces for kids in the foster care system.

Their new brand and more holistic mission required a leap of faith, but For the Children's partnership with Funraise held steady—Funraise's easily-customizable donation forms and donor experience allowed For the Children to step into their new role with a spirit of innovation and hope.

Congrats on growing into your brand-new brand, For the Children! We love your innovative, creative spirit and can't wait to work with you toward your ever-broadening and increasingly impactful mission.

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